29th Avenue Station

29th Avenue Station Sky Train Entrance

29th Avenue Station Sky Train Entrance

The 29th Avenue Station is a station on Vancouver’s SkyTrain rapid transit system. The station is an at-grade station, meaning it is level with the street and not underground or elevated. The Skytrain is the oldest light rapid transit systems in the world. It is also one of the longest automated, driverless systems.

The SkyTrain transit system connects downtown and Metro Vancouver’s suburbs. Over half a million people ride the Skytrain every day. All SkyTrain stations have elevators for wheelchair accessibility. This is likely the station you would get off at when visiting WEEDS on Kingsway, one of the more conveniently located cannabis dispensaries in the area.

History of 29th Avenue Station

Built in 1985, the 29th Avenue Station is part of the original SkyTrain system. While the station is still part of the overall Skytrain system, it is now referred to as being on the Expo Line.

The current SkyTrain system has three lines — the Expo Line, the Millennium Line and the Canada Line. Trains run every two to five minutes between 5:30 a.m. and 1:00 a.m.


One of the few at-grade stations on the Expo Line, the 29th Avenue Station is located in Vancouver, BC, just north of Kingsway, on East 29th Avenue. The station can be accessed from nearby Slocan Park os directly from 29th Avenue.

Slocan Park is a park in the suburb of Renfrew Heights.

The station is located in a residential area, meaning there aren’t any other places of interest near the station.

Station Layout

The station consists of a street-level entrance. There is a concourse where riders can purchase tickets.

The two platforms are both on the Expo Line going in opposite directions. One line heads towards Waterfront Station, while the other goes towards the King George Station.

As its name implies, the Vancouver Harbour is within walking distance from the Waterfront Station.


29th Ave Station Bus Terminal

29th Ave Station Bus Terminal

There are three entrances to the 29th Avenue Station. Two of the main entrances are located at the northwest end of the station. One of these two entrances faces 29th Avenue and the bus loop. The other is adjacent to Slocan Park.

Located at the southeast end of the station, the third entrance is not accessible for the disabled because it is only accessible by an overhead walkway.

Connecting Bus Routes

Most SkyTrain Stations of Vancouver’s Metro system are also accessible to the city’s bus routes. The connecting bus routes found at the 29th Street Station are:

33 to University of British Columbia via 33rd Avenue

16 to Granville Street/63rd Avenue via Arbutus Street

29 to Muirfield/Scarboro via Elliot Street

26 to Joyce-Collingwood Station


The Vancouver SkyTrain Metro system sets fares based on the distance traveled. The areas served by the transit system are broken up into three zones. Riders can travel within one zone for $2.95. Traveling between zone 1 and zone 2 will cost $4.20. Riding through all three zones is $5.70. There are discounted rates for children and the elderly.

Compass Card and Handycard

The Skytrain system offers two cards for discounted rates.

The Compass Card is a reloadable card that is a convenient, quick and money-saving fare card for Vancouver’s SkyTrain Metro system. It can be preloaded with Stored Value fare, Day Pass fare or Monthly Fare. The Compass Card can save you 65 cents or more per fare, depending on how often you use the Metro.

The Handycard is a special card for disabled people. It allows their attendant/caretaker to travel with them on the Metro for free. Vancouver is very disabled-friendly compared to other cities.

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