5 Things You Should Know About Cannabis Flower

Flowering Cannabis

Marijuana buds ( cannabis), hemp plant.

Cannabis is a flowering plant. Cannabis is the genus and there are three distinct strains. The most common species of marijuana is Cannabis sativa. The other two are Cannabis indica and Cannabis ruderalis. These two are often referred to as subspecies of Cannabis sativa. Like most flowering plants, Cannabis sativa has distinct parts including stem, leaves, node and flowers. The stem is long and slender. The fan leaves are green with serrated edges. The node is rather distinct and a plant can be male or female, at times both in which case they are classified as hermaphrodites. In hermaphrodite cannabis plants, the flowers are typically fifty percent male and fifty percent female.

  • Female cannabis flower is more potent. It is rich in resins and cannabinoids. If you are smoking or vaporizing cannabis, using them as edibles or as extracted essential oils, the chances are you have the flowers of the female plants. The female flower anatomy comprises the cola or cluster of buds, pistil which is the reproductive part and stigma which are the strands that look like hair, bract that encapsulates the reproductive parts, the translucent layer at the base known as calyx and trichomes that are bulbous globes capable of secreting aromatic oils and rich in cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol.
  • Cannabis flower is used in many forms. It is dried and smoked, which is the most common method of consumption. Many people vaporize cannabis flower, which does not always require drying. There are many stages of growth of the cannabis flower and the specific state determines how it should be used. Essential oil derived from the cannabis flower can be used topically. It can also be used as an edible. There are cannabis flower concentrates. The extract is also available as an isolate. Concentrates need special atomizers, so does an isolate. You can also use isolates and concentrates as edible extracts but you must procure them from a trusted brand.
  • Cannabis flower is the most psychoactive part of the plant. Stems, leaves and roots do not have much tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. It is THC that makes marijuana a psychotropic herb. More than ninety percent of the THC found in a cannabis plant is concentrated in the flowering parts. In many strains, the quantum of THC found in the flowers is more than ninety five percent. This is why the flowering parts are excluded when cannabidiol and other cannabinoids are extracted. A cannabis flower does have other cannabinoids including cannabidiol but the most prevalent substance is tetrahydrocanabinol.
  • frostbite sativa

    frostbite sativa

    Both male and female cannabis flowers can be used as a source of cannabinoids. The female flower contains much more. If you want to grow cannabis then you need female flowers. You can also grow cannabis with hermaphrodite flowers, however this is generally considered undesireable.. The fifty percent male components in such flowers will play no role but the other half will be sufficient. It is widely believed that a female cannabis flower is much more inebriating due to its greater content of trichomes. The female flower indeed has more cannabinoids, especially THC.

  • Whenever you use cannabis flower, you must ensure the method is right and you are optimizing its use. The same type of vaporizer cannot be used for all kinds of extracts of cannabis flower. If you are using dried cannabis flower, the extent to which it is dried and how concentrated it is in the context of the cannabinoids will determine if you should smoke or vaporize it entirely or blend it with other herbs. There is no universally generic approach. You should tweak your approach depending on the form of extract of cannabis flower you have.

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