A Comprehensive Guide To Cannabis Concentrates

Shatter in a dab rig

Macro detail of dabbing tool with small piece of cannabis oil aka shatter suspended over a metal dab rig

Cannabis concentrates have become very popular in recent times. There are varying forms of cannabis concentrates and that can create some confusion. It is necessary for every consumer to know the exact strength and hence potency of a particular concentrate.

What are Cannabis Concentrates?

As the name implies, they are a concentrated extract of cannabis. The concentrates are also referred to as oil, wax, shatter, black glass and dabs among others. If you are familiar with cannabis flower, whether in its natural or dried form, then imagine an extract of the same that does not contain the normal plant matter but the cannabinoids in a more concise form. A tinge of concentrate can be as potent as a chunky piece of dried flower. Cannabis concentrates can have the highest proportion of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC by weight or volume.

Some of the most potent marijuana in its normal form has around twenty percent THC by weight or volume. Cannabis concentrates can have forty percent up to eighty percent THC by weight or volume. In other words, cannabis concentrates are as much as four times more potent and stronger than ordinary marijuana. This also means it is easier to feel ecstatic when using a concentrate. This increases the risk of abuse. Consumers must exercise caution and adhere to the instructions of manufacturers while using concentrates. To learn more and speak to a knowledgeable budtender you can visit your local WEEDS.

Effects of Cannabis Concentrates

Since concentrates are more potent, their effects are stronger and they last longer. There are physical and psychological effects. These are immediate sensations. Long term effects are not known. Even the long term effects of marijuana are not well known. Like marijuana, cannabis concentrates can give you a sense of high. You may even feel inebriated if you use a sufficient quantity. There is an alleviating effect on pain and depression.

Cannabis Concentrates vs. Cannabis Flower

Live ResinThere are two differences that are easiest to spot. Cannabis flower has a distinct smell. This is not evident in cannabis concentrates. Since the plant matter may be partly or wholly removed to make the extract that eventually gets labeled as a concentrate, the organic fragrance of the flower is lost in the process. This does not imply concentrates have a bad smell. They can have added fragrance. It is not uncommon for manufacturers to use essences to make concentrates have a pleasant odor.

The other major distinction is the way you use it. Cannabis concentrates can be vaporized. You can use an e-cigarette or a vaporizer. This is as simple as it gets. Many people switch from flower to concentrates for this very reason. The convenience is unmatched. Anyone dealing with cannabis flower will have to work with it for a while to prepare for a smoke. Even if the flower or its extract is used as an edible, there is enough preparation required for an optimum consumption. Concentrates do not have any such preparatory chores.

Cannabis flower can be rolled, smoked and vaporized. Concentrates can be consumed in such ways and others. You may choose dabbing for concentrates. Dabbing is not very easy but is becoming popular. Concentrates are available as edibles or ingestible oils. There are tinctures that you can put under your tongue. This is an easy and relatively safer method of consumption. The effects are not as potent as smoking or vaporizing but you do not have to wait for a while as is common with an edible concentrate. You can get a wide selection of concentrates in South Vancouver at WEEDS on Main St.

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