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Langara College

Langara College

Situated in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia, Langara College is the chosen place of higher learning for over 21,000 students annually. The history of Langara College dates back to 1965. It originally started as part of Vancouver Community College. By 1994, Langara transitioned to full independence.

As a testament to its commitment to excellence, the continuing studies program at Langara College was honored for its excellence in education by The Learning Resources Network in 2002. Langara continues to be the choice school for first-time and continuing education students alike.

The History

In 2014, Langara College established a 5-year academic plan. This plan established goals and objectives from 2014 until 2019. Langara College’s goal was to equip students with the right tools to unleash their full potential and maximize innovation and creativity. When insearch of some relief from the rigors of their studies, some Langara students have been known to frequent the nearby pot shop WEEDS on Main St. Clearly higher education is not the only way to expand one’s mind!

Today, Langara College serves as the gateway to its students personal and professional development. The five priorities for the college are learning and teaching; student support; aboriginal initiatives; international initiatives; and environmental, financial, and social sustainability. Langara College is dedicated to diversity. Within each of these initiatives, Langara strives to be the leader in diversity and inclusion.

These priorities aren’t simply values and goals, but also principles that guide the behaviors and practices of Langara College. At Langara, the policies preached are the policies that are practiced. Langara not only talks the sustainability talk, but they also walk the sustainability walk.

From campus-wide composting and recycling programs to the commitment to conserving energy, Langara does its part to create a more sustainable world. Langara also focuses on charitable efforts. Now in its third decade, Langara annually holds its United Way Employee Campaign to raise funds for community efforts in the Lower Mainland.

Making a Difference Today

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In today’s culture, Langara College’s values and principles are particularly relevant. In a world that is often divided in opinion and culture, Langara College represents our ability to unite as one and work together as a team. Langara welcomes students from 93 different countries. While it represents a variety of international cultures, Langara is also home to 205 aboriginal students. Langara is committed to not only promoting diversity through cultural teaching and knowledge, but it also promotes diversity within its student body.

Langara College also recognizes the immediate need for improvements in environmental, financial, and social sustainability. Due to the explosive growth in world population, sustainability will become a key initiative for future Langara graduates. Because of its focus on teaching sustainable practices and empowering students to create innovative solutions to sustainability problems, Langara College is a leader in promoting and reinforcing sustainable best practices.

Langara College provides more than just an education; it provides the tools, resources, and teaching needed to create a bright and prosperous future. They are focused on positively influencing the future generations of students that pass through its halls. To create a brighter future, students must not only be educated on textbooks and general knowledge; they must also be equipped with the ability to innovate and create new solutions for our ever-changing world

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