Are Dab Bars the Future of Marijuana Consumption?

WEEDS in Kitsilano

WEEDS in Kitsilano

If you’ve never kicked back with a dab, the odds are pretty good that you don’t yet fully understand its power – or its attractiveness.

A world apart from ripping a joint, smoking a blunt, or packing a bowl, there’s something almost ceremonial about diving into a dab. You are generally heating up wax, butter, shatter, and a specific type of hash to a very specific temperature – and then your breathing in just as much vapor as deeply as you can to enjoy the full potency of this concoction.

And while dabs have been popular for quite a while now – particularly in the pain and anxiety remedy crowd – they are becoming a lot more accessible and a lot more affordable today. Dab pens are very much the “next big thing” in the world of recreational marijuana, but the entire cannabis community is being pulled in the dab direction by “dab bars” that are taking the world by storm.

Move Over, Amsterdam Welcome to Vancouver

The traditional dab bar really got its genesis in Amsterdam, which should come as no real surprise to anyone that visited this adult playground hotspot.

Thanks to very much relaxed laws in the United States and Canada that have opened up a lot of opportunity for commercial and recreational use of cannabis, all kinds of modern dab bars are popping up left and right – and many of them are becoming even more popular than favorite watering holes and traditional bars or pubs.

Dab Bar at WEEDS in Kitsilano

San Francisco in particular is leading the charge, and is one of the first cities in the United States to allow for “consumption lounges”. The Barbary Coast Dispensary in San Francisco has become the face of the modern dab bar culture, offering a cool, contemporary, clean and safe environment to kick back and relax with a dab in a very social setting. In Canada WEEDS has been a trailblazer in this regard with dab bars at all their Vancouver locations.

Community Driven

As more and more cities and municipalities get their heads around the idea of consumption lounges, and as more states legalize the recreational use of marijuana, we are going to see the dab bar industry really explode.

As of right now the potential for “chains” and franchises of the social hotspots doesn’t really exist, with most spots being warm mom and pop style – more local, more low-key, and more tuned into the independent counterculture that really celebrates dabs and marijuana in the first place.

But if cannabis industry insiders are right we shouldn’t be all that surprised if the commercialization of this community happens, and happens a lot faster than most people expect. There’s a lot of big money in cannabis right now, but there might be even more money in setting up a cool, local hangout spot for people to sit down and enjoy a dab or two of the way they pop in and grab a drink after work right now.

Lots of folks expect dab bars to be a big driver of this industry in the near future, and it’s easy to see why. These kinds of spots are poised to really blow up in the next 2 to 3 years, and who knows where we go from there!

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