Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival

Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival

Entrance Gate to the Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival

Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival was established in the year 1990 by Christopher Gaze; who is the present artistic director. Since its inception, it has been entertaining the people of Vancouver.

At Bard on the Beach Festival, about 30 great actors who are well talented in the field of acting are employed every year, there are also theatrical wizards who perform stunning magic and heightening the fun. There are also hundreds of dedicated entertainers who volunteer to perform; they all volunteer because the theater is a non-profit one.

Since Bard on the Beach was established no less than 2 million spectators have enjoyed the shows on the beach, and this number increases every year. To really get your mind going while enjoying a little Shakespeare, take a visit to WEEDS in Kitsilano which is nearby and is stocked with all things cannabis.

How to get access to the Bard Festival

Tickets are available online, and you can get it for $24 or more especially for people within the age range of 6 and 22. People who are not old enough or who don’t have the ability to appreciate Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival are not allowed in, for example, children who are below the age of 6. Older adults are required to pay between $24 and $61 to get unhindered access.

Bard on the Beach Special Events

Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival offers a wide range amazing events each year, and that includes the normal Shakespeare games, incredible fireworks, as well as opera performances.

A special event usually takes place at the Festival of Light; it is called Bard-B-Q and Fireworks. The tickets for this special event can cost as much as $100 or $135 with a play, live entertainment and a dinner of barbecue.

Recommended Things to DoBard on the Beach

  • You may include other fun things in the area with your trip to Bard Festival. You could also visit places like the H.R. Macmillan Space center, the Maritime Museum, and even the Museum of Vancouver.
  • The city of Vancouver is known to be very cool during night time, even during summer seasons, therefore you could decide to see one of the shows during night time. You may take a blanket with you in case you need to warm up.
  • To improve your experience on the Bard on the Beach Festival, you may want to read the Shakespeare story before you make your way there, unless you are a Shakespeare’s fan or you are aware of his works.
  • The chairs at the Festival are perfect for theater shows, but if you can’t sit for longer periods, you may consider putting a pillow on it.


Bard on the Beach is located down Burrard Street Bridge in Vanier Park. It is made up of two stages of implementation; the Howard family scenario and the major BMO phase. There is also an area regarded as the Bard Village where there are major tents. There is also the ticket office, and market stalls where you can buy really good foods. At the festival ground, there are rooms where you go in to change; there are also administrative blocks for people who work there on a seasonal basis.

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