I Cannat Believe It’s Not Butter

Rachelle Lupton

If you want to just grind up a bunch of weed and toss it into your cookie dough, give it one last stir and then plop your weed-dough onto a cookie sheet before throwing them into the oven to bake, you most certainly can. However, take it from the experts, the consistency is... interesting, the taste can sometimes go off, and when you bind those THC crystals with butter beforehand, your cookies are 10x more potent than the most potent cookies you could make by just tossing in a bunch of ground-up weed. So why not take the extra time and do it the professional way? Besides, we are giving you this handy step-by-step on how to create the most amazing and potent pot butter for your baking needs.

First things first, making weed butter is not difficult, but there are some key things to keep in mind to guarantee high potency and low waste. Keep in mind that butter burns very easily and because of this you want to ensure that you are paying very close attention to avoid this catastrophe. Use a stovetop burner that has precise adjustments and carefully monitor your butter while it is on the heat. Taking these extra precautions will mean a nice light green coloured cannabutter and the avoidance of that bitter burnt butter taste.

As we all know, butter has a high fat content and due to that fact it burns at quite a high temperature. So make sure that you are using pots that have secure handles and oven mitts when pouring or moving your mixture to avoid any unwanted kitchen chaos. Also be advised that whatever container you are transferring your mixture into can withstand high heats. IE DO NOT use plastic Tupperware, a glass container is your best bet in this case. Think Pyrex.

Last thing before we get to our recipe, you do not need the best of the best bud when it comes to making potent cannabutter, B.O.B works just as well as your daily smoke. So don’t be worried that the outdoor strain that doesn’t work in your daily joint won’t make for the best butter you’ve ever had.

Cannabutter 101

The first question we always hear when customers ask about making cannabutter is “How much weed to make butter?” A good rule of thumb is to use ¼ ounce of weed for every one pound of butter. Of course if you want them more potent you can use a stronger strain or up the amount of bud in your butter.

The second question we hear is “Can I just throw the nugs in with the butter?” Unfortunately this does not work so well because you are not able to entirely submerge the weed in the butter, so you do need to sit down and grind all your weed before starting.

Now that you have binged watched your favorite show on Netflix while tirelessly grinding your green, we can get onto the fun stuff.

Step One:

Grab a double boiler and throw two inches of water in the bottom pot. For those of you who aren’t familiar with a double boiler grab two pots, making sure one is smaller than the other, and place two inches of water in the larger pot, then place the smaller one in the water. Keeping the butter away from direct heat helps to avoid burning, which is especially handy when you are going to be boiling the mixture for awhile.

Step Two:

Place your butter in the smaller pot, or the top boiler, over medium-high heat and stir until completely melted. Turn the heat down to medium and stir in your weed gently. Continuing stirring until your weed is completely covered in butter, by this point your mixture should be at a nice simmer, with a few bubbles breaking the surface.

Step Three: 

Keep the mixture simmering for one hour stirring occasionally. Be sure to top up the water that evaporates from your bottom pot. Take the top pot off the heat after an hour and place aside to cool for a few minutes. Meanwhile you can get your container ready for straining by placing cheesecloth on top and securing in place with an elastic band.

Step Four:

Pour the mixture carefully over your container and press down on the cheesecloth to draw out as much liquid as possible. Remove the cheesecloth, squeezing any remaining liquid out one last time before setting your container aside to allow your butter to harden. Once firm your cannabutter is ready to use in recipes, on morning toast or anywhere you want to replace your normal butter!

With any recipe, getting it just right takes practice; so don’t worry if your first time isn’t perfect. Eventually you will find what works best for you and in time find that you are making tastier, more potent butter! We hope you enjoy exploring the wonderful world of edibles.