Just How High?

Rachelle Lupton

When it comes to making canna-butter one thing that you always have to keep in mind is just how potent your butter really is. No one wants to overdo it on the edibles and be too high or have to eat an entire batch of cookies only to feel no effects, well...other then maybe feeling bad because you just consumed an entire batch of cookies in one sitting.

You also need to keep in mind that everyone is different in how much is too much. Just like with espresso, two shots might make you wired, but for someone like myself I need 2 quad grande lattes to get me through a day. (For those of you who don’t know what that means, that’s 8 shots of espresso.) While you may be able to eat an edible packed with 200mg of THC, your friend may find that way too strong and having a bad time on edibles will ruin their experiences moving forward.

So just how do you calculate how strong your edibles are? We decided to search the world wide web to find out just how to calculate the amount of THC in your butter.

First thing you’ll want to do is identify the percentage of THC in the strain you are using to cook with. On average most strains have about 10% THC; there are some strains that have 15-20% and you may find a rarity out there that has over 21%, however a general rule is if you can’t find the plant breed online to get the information or a lab to test your strain it’s best is to estimate about 10% - since that’s industry standard.

For every one gram of cannabis there is roughly 1,000mg of dry weight.

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If the strain you are using to make your butter has 10% THC then one gram of cannabis would have 100 mg of THC (10/1000=100). To make canna-butter you usually use ¼ ounce of cannabis and as we know a quarter is seven grams. This means that we can safely assume that there will be 700mg of THC in your pound of butter (10/7000=700) if you are estimating your THC percentage. The math will be different if you know the actual percentage of your THC. To calculate this just change the number 10 in the equation to your percentage number.

Now to find out how much THC there is per serving of your medibles you will just need to do some simple math. Don’t worry for those of you who don’t like numbers, it's math you can do on a calculator!

NOTE: A starting dose for beginners is about 5mg per edible.

So let’s say you have made your pound of butter and now you are ready to make your cookies but first you want to know how many mgs of THC you will have per cookie, here’s what you do!

Since most cookie recipes call for 1 cup of butter, and you have just made a pound of butter with 7 grams of marijuana, your one-cup has 3.5 grams of in it (because a pound of butter is 2 cups).  And because earlier we calculated that a pound of butter would have 700mg we know that your batter will have 350mg of THC in it. To find out how many mgs each cookie will have take the full batter amount (350) and divide it by the amount of cookies your recipe yields (FYI most yield 24). So 350/24 = 14.5mg of THC per cookie.

To make your cookies less potent you can cut in normal butter in with your canna-butter (i.e. for half strength use ½ cup of regular unsalted butter and ½ cup of canna-butter.) However if you want to make your cookies more potent then you will need to make less cookies, adding more butter won’t make them more potent, it will just mean you have to double your cookie recipe to account for how wet your dough will be from the added butter. Unfortunately with baking you can’t just add more butter and expect the recipe to turn out properly. If you add more of one ingredient you have to add more of all the ingredients. So how do you get stronger cookies? Well if you want cookies that were 25mgs then you would just divide the amount of mgs in the batter by the amount of mgs per cookie. 350/25 = 14 cookies.

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Of course all of this math will change depending on the percentage of THC in your pot as well as if you use more than just a quarter to your pound of butter. But whatever the numbers you use are the equations are always the same! Just input your numbers into the appropriate places. The only thing you have to try to remember is that one gram of marijuana = 1,000 mg of dried product.

To find out the mgs of THC in your ONE pound butter

(THCPercentage) divided by (mgs of dried product)

To find out mg of THC in your batter remember that one cup of butter will have half the amount of mgs that ONE pound of butter has. (If you have 2 cups of butter in your recipe then your batter will have the same mgs as your pound of butter)

To find out the mgs of THC per cookie

(mgs of THC in batter) divided by (number of cookies in recipe)

To find out how many cookies to make based on how many mgs you want

(mgs of THC in batter) divided by (mgs you want per cookie)

And that, my friends, is how you figure out just how high you are about to get.

Before you get too crazy here are some good things to remember about edibles: cannabis mixed with fatty and protein rich foods causes marijuana effects to last longer in the body. This is because THC binds better to fat cells and protein cells better than any other. Remember to wait an hour or so after eating an edible before you eat more, and sometimes eating a nice fatty meal can help kick start the effects. I recommend using your medible cookies as your dessert after a nice big, greasy and delicious hamburger, the fat and protein in that is sure to bind to the THC in your baking.

No matter what method you choose to take in consuming your medibles always start low and go slow!