Pot & your Pets

Is cannabis really safe for our furry friends?

Rachelle Lupton

For many of us our furry friends are more than just pets, they are family, our babies. So when they get injured or fall ill our hearts shatter and we vow to go to the ends of the earth to make them better. Clearly Cannabis can improve the wellbeing of those with an illness, but does that mean that medicinal pot is safe for our pets? We’ve put together some information to help you make the best decision for your babies.


Giving your pets medical marijuana doesn’t mean that you just grind up some kush and sprinkle it on top of their dinner. Remember - pets do react differently to THC than humans do and you need to make sure that you are careful when it comes to administering medical marijuana to animals. We also don’t recommend that you make your own pet cookies with pot, as again, the amount of THC you consume vs the amount that is okay for a pet to consume is completely different.


Here are a few products that we do carry that can help to heal your hurting pet.


CBD Capsules (pain & nausea)

Our 15mg CBD pills are great for helping to alleviate pain and muscle spasms, as well as reduce nausea and vomiting. If your pet is getting older and you can see that getting up is a little trickier then this might be a good option for you. Subsequently if they are eating more grass than usual or you can tell their stomach just isn’t sitting well sprinkling a little bit of the dry CBD pill on their food might help them digest and keep it down.


How to Administer

Because the CBD found in our capsules is dry, putting it in wet food or on a treat that has a little bit of moisture to help it stick is your best option. To open the capsule gently grab either side and pull apart while slightly twisting, the cap should come apart and you will be able to access the CBD inside. We suggest opening the cap over a plate incase some of the contents spills out. Once you have the cap open sprinkle an amount the size of a pen end onto your pet's food or treat. Or sprinkle the contents onto a plate and dab the contents onto your treat. For the best results administer your pet's medication morning and night.


Fragrance Free O’Canna Bliss (inflammation & skin irritation)

Just like humans, pets can get inflamed muscles and rashes or skin irritations. Thankfully we have a topical product to help ease your pets itch and give their muscles a bit of relaxation. Before administering a topical product for a skin irritation check with your vet that your pet hasn’t picked up fleas, ticks or other pests that need veterinary guidance. If you have checked with your vet and your furbaby is suffering from dry skin or dandruff then definitely take a look at our fragrance free O’Canna Bliss cream. If you notice that your pooch or meow is a little slower and less playful, they may be suffering from muscle stiffness, in which case our topical canna-lotion is your savior.


How to Administer

Before just slapping some lotion on your pets rash, or giving them a mini-massage keep in mind that if they can lick where you are placing this product they are ingesting CBD & THC, so probably best not to give them a paw-dicure with this product. However, if the spot that needs care is far enough away from self-grooming areas, then massage their little muscles or get that rash covered! Because of the THC in this product use less than you would think. Plus, with most body butters once it hits a warm surface it turns into an oil and a little goes a long way. We recommend using an amount half the size of a pea for small animals, a pea size amount for medium animals, and the size of a dime for those bear-dogs out there. Of course the amount you use will also all depend on the size of the rash or area of muscle tension. Just remember, you can always use more if you don’t think you have enough, it might be a little harder to wash off the excess if your baby is not bath friendly.


CBD Tincture (5.5mg or 10mg)

Not only does CBD help with minor muscle aches and pains in humans and animals, it also has effect on more serious muscle related conditions such as epilepsy. That’s right, not only can you treat your pets for pain, you can actually help them to live a seizure free life with a more concentrated form of CBD, like you would find in our tinctures. Not only can this concentrated form of CBD help to aid in epileptic pets, it can also help to aid in anxious or depressed animals as well.


How to Administer

Please note – when treating animals with CBD Tincture you want to be sure you buy the Coconut Oil (MCT) infused tincture and make sure you stay away from the Ethanol based and Grapeseed Oil based tincture.  To administer the tincture to your pet it is best to use wet food or something that can soak up the liquid. If you are going to use a harder treat, we suggest putting it on a plate and leaving it for a minute to absorb as much tincture as possible. For the 5mg tincture use one to two drops to begin with per dosage, and for the 10mg tincture we advise beginning with one drop. Once you feel that your pet is used to the product and has built up a tolerance to the amount you have been giving them, then you can slowly increase the amount by one drop. It is best to increase the number of drops one at a time and stay at the new amount for a week before increasing the amount again. Depending on the severity of your pets condition we suggest giving them medication in the morning and at night, otherwise once a day is fine.


Phoenix Tears CBD (cancer/tumor cells & neurodegenerative diseases)

Hearing that your pet has a tumor, has been diagnosed with cancer, or is suffering from dementia is the one of the worst diagnoses you can get from your vet. It used to be that those diagnoses meant thousands in vet bills or the one thing no pet owner wants to admit, but with medical marijuana those are no longer the only two options. Phoenix Tears CBD have not only been proven to reduce tumor sizes and cure cancer in humans, but also in dogs and cats, and at a fraction of the cost of veterinarian medications. You can now help to reduce your pets tumor sizes while combating the cancer cells in their body, making sure that you get more time with them and their time with you is the best it can be.


How to Administer

We suggest using the Phoenix Tears CBD syringe if you are looking to take this method for your pet, it’s simple to use and the benefits have been proven. If the product in your syringe is really thick stick it in a glass of hot (not boiling) water to lower its viscosity. Once the consistency is more like syrup, squeeze an amount the size of a grain of rice (yes, that small, this is a very concentrated form of marijuana so please use a tiny amount the first time and work your way up slowly) onto your furbabies favorite treat. For more serious cases administer 3 times a day, otherwise morning and night is fine.


From first hand experience many of our staff members have seen not only the benefits on their own pets, but also seen the benefits to many clients’ pets as well. On of our shops in North Vancouver tells a great story about a golden lab, age thirteen, who was diagnosed with cancer. Turning to medical marijuana as a final resort to help ease the last days, Maggie’s parents choose to use Phoenix tears to help with pain and get her appetite back. When Maggie first came in she was sweet and kind, but slow, lethargic and seemed forever tired. Fast-forward 3 months and Maggie is alive, well, happy and loving life. There’s a new pep in her step, she has her play back, and best of all, Maggie has now outlived the timeline that her parents were given by months!! And all because her parents took the chance on such a wonderful plant


Many people are concerned that it’s not our place to decide to whether our pets get high, and while your concerns are valid, we want you to understand that using medicinal marijuana on your pet is not to get them high, it’s to get them well. We do not suggest you go home, smoke a joint and blow the smoke in your pets face for a “second hand high” – blowing smoke in any animal or persons face is not nice. What we do suggest is taking a deeper look into the above products and if you have any questions feel free to stop by or call one of our dispensaries and talk to one of our many staff members!


**Please note this is only advice, what you think is best for your pets is ultimately up to you. If their condition gets worse or you are not 100% sure what is wrong please take them to your vet before administering medical Cannabis**