This City Needs Some Sweet-ner

And Mary Jean “Watermelon” Dundson hopes to be that

Rachelle Lupton

Some know her a business woman, some as an activist, others as an entertainer, but the one name almost every Vancovuerite knows her as is Watermelon, the effervescent blonde selling watermelon and cannabis-infused cookies at Wreck Beach.

Mary Jean Dunsdon has always stood for civil rights; from her high profile arrests over infused edibles that led to very important legal victories that challenged Cannabis cookie laws in court, to today, with her hoping to make Vancouver’s City Council a little bit sweeter. Being an integral part of the Cannabis community as well as the community of small businesses owners, Mary Jean has hopes of shining the light on many groups currently not being presented to City Council.  She is running under the Sensible Vancouver Association with a team of impassioned volunteers led by campaign manager Dana Larsen, founder of Sensible BC.


Mary Jean is wanting to end the criminalization of people who choose Mary Jane and help craft some sensible by-laws for dispensaries in Vancouver. Knowing there is no voice on City Council for the many thousands of users and employees of dispensaries - whether they be recreational or medical  - Mary Jean wants to help broaden the conversation around Cannabis at the municipal level.


She wants to see more effort being put into testing the cannabis to make sure that products aren’t covered in pesticides or molds. Currently working with the Vancouver Overdose Prevention Society providing edibles for opiate substitution, Mary Jean is also working towards a safer city in regards to the opioid crisis the city is currently facing. Sensible Vancouver advocates for more harm reduction tools, more supervised injection sites, and making a new mobile drug- testing facility that would bring free, anonymous drug testing to the Downtown Eastside.


Knowing what Cannabis could do for the economy, Mary Jean wonders why we would waste taxpayer dollars on an industry employing and helping so many people, especially in the middle of Vancouver's housing crisis. While she doesn’t have a blanket cure  for the housing crisis, but Mary Jean is eager to see more initiatives and plenty more compassion from the City.


To learn more about Mary Jean Dunsdon and her desire to be a fresh voice on Vancouver City Council check out her Sensible Vancouver Campaign Page.