Cannabis In The News: What happened this week?

Another week over. Time to recap on what we learned and what entertained us over the past few days!


  • Hallowe’en Hysteria!
For some reason, The Toronto Sun decided to warn parents to watch out for cannabis edibles in their kids' trick or treat loot. The outlet advised that accidents can easily happen as infused candies and gummies can be mistaken for regular sweets due to similarities in packaging and design. We certainly had a little giggle when we read this story; not because accidentally giving a child THC is ok but because of how unlikely we think it is someone is going to mistake their $10+ packet of infused gummies or chocolates for Twizzlers or fun-size Snickers. There’s no harm in being cautious but it’s unlikely anyone will be handing out cannabis treats to kids this Hallowe’en, accidentally or otherwise.
  • Expected Price Drops
Analysts from BMO predict that the price of pot will drop for consumers around Christmas time. In order to create space for products that are soon to hit the legal market such as edibles and concentrates, both provinces and retailers are expected to lower the prices of the flower on their shelves. This should be good news for legal-market consumers who are currently paying almost twice the price for weed than black-market consumers.
  • Speaking of the Black Market….
Almost a year after legalization and illegal online cannabis retailers are continuing to undercut the legal market. A lack of legal stores in some parts of the country and lack of quality smokable product are cited as two of the main reasons the online black market continues to thrive. It will be interesting to see how things change once concentrates and edibles hit the market. Wouldn't be surprising to see the black market soar even further given the dosage restrictions on legal edibles!


Curious what medical cannabis patients pay for their medicine in Europe? Cannabis-Europa blogged about the costs facing patients in a few different EU countries as well as in the UK. A very interesting read that highlights the wildly varying prices and approval rates across the continent. That’s our round up for this week. Follow us on Twitter @WEEDSgg and Instagram for daily cannabis news and information!


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