Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park

Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park - Bench

Bench in the Park

If you are looking for a place to get close to nature, be sure to visit Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park. This park offers a variety of activities that are fun for people of all ages! Take your family to Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park and let them use their imagination, steering the riverside pirate ship playground, looking over the waterway that sits adjacent to the multi-activity playground. It is a great place to mellow out while enjoying the effects of cannabis from the top local dispensary in the area. It’s only a short trip from WEEDS on Kingsway.

Enjoy the working waterway, waving at boats and other water vehicles as they pass by on a warm, sunny, summer day. Watch for a tugboat or a train on the trestle bridge that rotates to allow boats to pass by.

Families and friends can go to Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park and enjoy activities on the open grassy area located close to the shoreline. Bring blankets or lawn games to enjoy this time of fun and activity for family gatherings, business meetings and more.

Enjoy a blanketed picnic lunch along the shoreline, or make use of the picnic area that includes over 14 picnic tables, covered picnic shelters, bathrooms and easy accessibility to water. The picnic area is available from May-September and offers two areas, both that will accommodate up to 200 people each.

Picnic areas can be reserved online for a fee and special equipment such as tents, stages, bouncy houses, dunk tanks and other large equipment must be approved by the Supervisor of Sports and Outdoor Recreation before the event. Any damage or cleanup that is not done will require extra fees.

Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park also offers two outdoor volleyball courts, walking trails, off leash areas for your pets and even an outdoor fitness area that has over 10 stations that will help your body to increase your muscle strength, aerobic and your core, flexibility and balance, offering overall body health exercises. This outdoor fitness circuit is open any time of the day and offers a variety of information to help you know the best exercises for your body. Enjoy the fresh air while strengthening your body.

Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park offers a 3.9 km walking trail, marked with a green circle, meaning an easy route. This route is mainly flat and a well maintained trail that follows the shoreline of the Fraser River for a fantastic water view. This trail loops the meadow, giving you view of a railway bridge, a meadow and a pond that is home to over 41 different species of freshwater fish.

Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park Pond


The trails are outlined and walks are rated by a green circle meaning an easy, mostly flat area with small inclines, blue square is a medium route that has three or less inclines that are inclined at no more than 10%, and a black diamond that is a difficult route that has long, steep areas and is perfect for strong walkers.

Special notice: Alcohol consumption at the park is prohibited.

Winter advisory: During the winter, all the lakes and ponds in the Burnaby area are not open for any type of skating or walking and tobogganing and sledding is discouraged due to the danger of the steep slopes and rocks and trees that can make these activities unsafe.

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