Cannabis Concentrates: The Basics

The days of being forced to roll a joint or smoke a bowl are long gone, replaced with cannabis concentrates of a large variety. But what are cannabis concentrates and can they give you the same high as the flowers? Whether you’re using marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes, you still need a basic education on the latest in THC technology.

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

Cannabis Live Resin

Live ResinCanadas Best Derivatives Shatter

Cannabis concentrates are a special form of THC that delivers a powerful punch of potency in much smaller doses. Extractions from the leaves and flowers of the marijuana plant are designed to isolate the plant’s resin-bearing trichomes. Those trichomes are therefore purer and more potent than the original source.

Cannabis flowers usually have about 10-20% THC, with rare buds measuring as much as 30% THC. However, concentrates are far more powerful. The average concentrate contains between 60 and 95% THC, making it much more efficient and far cheaper to enjoy.

How Are Cannabis Concentrates Created?

Each manufacturer has a unique way of making its flagship product. In general, however, cannabis concentrates are made through a complicated extraction process which involves the removal of resin from the plant’s buds, leaves and stems using a series of techniques. The better the extraction process, the better the finished product. Therefore, properly extracted THC concentrate is of extremely high quality.

What Are Cannabis Concentrates Used For?

Cannabis Wax

Cannabis Wax

Cannabis concentrates are used by medicinal marijuana patients and recreational consumers in a large scale. Considered a healthier alternative to burning buds, vaporizing THC concentrates is much cleaner and more efficient than the latter. In fact, it eliminates plant matter from the equation completely, allowing consumers to enjoy all the benefits of THC without all the toxins.

How Can You Find a Good Cannabis Concentrate?

Canadas Best Derivatives Shatter

Canadas Best Derivatives Shatter

Granted, the modern-day market is replete with THC concentrate options. This makes it difficult for the average consumer to find what they need. Fortunately, there are ways to discover the perfect product.

By understanding the difference between cannabis buds, concentrates and oils you can navigate the narrow passages of passive enjoyment. Just know that some concentrates are made by using potentially dangerous solvents such as butane, CO2, isopropyl alcohol, propane and ethanol. Some of those things are byproducts of smoking marijuana traditionally, virtually defeating the purpose of vaping altogether.

Instead, look for concentrates that are made using less invasive methods. Check the label for ingredient and/or extraction information. If you’re still unsure about what you have in your hand, you can always ask a WEEDS budtender for recommendations.

Tips for Using Cannabis Concentrates

For best results with cannabis concentrates, be sure to use the proper dab rig or vaporizer. Concentrates are not meant to be enjoyed with bowls, papers or blunt wraps. Although certain adventurous individuals have begun experimenting with the uses of cannabis concentrates, it’s wisest to use them as intended. Although well-made cannabis concentrates are generally safe, improper use of THC in any form can be very dangerous. And since concentrates are far more potent than marijuana buds, always enjoy your dab sessions in moderation.

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