Cannabis Edibles: A Growing Market

Cannabis CookiesIt’s hard to deny that cannabis is more popular than ever, with more Canadians than ever supporting marijuana legalization. There has also been a tremendous amount of progress in terms of overall marijuana legislation. As a result, there are more people that are interested in new cannabis products, besides simply just smoking cannabis or vaping cannabis. Specifically, cannabis edibles is a trend that is steadily growing over time.

In fact, there are many that believe that cannabis edibles are one of the biggest overall food trends in the world right now, with such an intense demand. There are reasons for this, since individuals who ingest cannabis via edibles often point out that the effects are stronger and more long-lasting than simply smoking cannabis. Edibles can often last for several hours longer than smoking marijuana. In Vancouver where recreational marijuana is legal, there are cooks and chefs that are experimenting more and more with different types of cannabis edibles, and also cannabis edibles companies that are expanding thanks to their soon to be legal status.

Of course, this also appeals to those who are wary of the issues of smoking marijuana. It is well-known that smoking can negatively affect the lungs, and many might choose cannabis edibles instead as a healthier way to feel the effects. In Vancouver, cannabis edibles such as cookies, brownies, and more, are more popular, since it can not only please the tongue, but also give its users a feeling that smoking cannabis cannot give them. There are also many who understand that there is no issue when it comes to tar when you eat cannabis edibles, like there is when it comes to smoking. If you are concerned about your respiratory system, cannabis edibles are likely a better option. WEEDS on Main St. offers a great selection of edibles if you want to partake.

WEEDS-Peanut-Butter-Pie-Cookies_v1It is easy to see how the cannabis edibles sector can grow. For example, everyone loves all types of food. If you consider that there are food trends such as the fact that veganism has grown tremendously in recent years, there is a huge opportunity in the world of cannabis edibles. Specifically, between the years of 2014 and 2017, there is a 600% increase in consumers who identify as vegan. It is easy to see how vegan consumers might be interested in more vegan cannabis edible brands. Similarly, gluten-free cannabis edible brands might also find their own consumer bases, as well. The fact that cannabis is getting legalized in more states also means that there is a growing market to take advantage of, as well.

It is also important to remember to eat your cannabis edibles before the expiration date, and try to figure out a great way to store them, as well. After all, no one wants to eat food that is past its “best by” date, whether it involves cannabis or not.

Cannabis edibles also might be great for pain relief and to reduce nausea. In this manner, it can appeal to those who might not even be keen on marijuana itself. While it might not be the best option for everyone, it might be another way to relieve pain and nausea in everyday situations. Of course, first-time users should only ingest a small amount of cannabis edibles and monitor the way that they feel, to ensure that they do not become uncomfortable. In addition, there might be some who turn to cannabis edibles for anxiety or depression. There are other experts that suggest that it might even help with weight loss, as well.

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