Cannabis Vaping is Better than Smoking

Weed Oil Vape Cartridge

Weed Oil Vape Cartridge

Cannabis vaping has become increasingly popular. It has even drawn those who have no history of using cannabis. Marijuana has been legalized in some states for recreational use. More states are expected to join the bandwagon. States that have been historically opposed to legalizing medical marijuana are also under enormous pressure to change their stand. Smoking has its ill-effects, whether it is marijuana or tobacco. The rise of e-cigarettes and vaporizers coincide the increasing popularity of marijuana or cannabis in general and also more studies revealing their benefits. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you understand why cannabis vaping is better than smoking. To learn more speak to a budtender at your local WEEDS dispensary.

  • When you smoke marijuana, you are effectively burning the material. This is combustion. Any combustion has many derivatives. These are usually toxic. Burning any kind of material produces more toxins than vaporizing it. Cannabis vaping is basically using convection. The marijuana or an extract is not being burned or combusted. Instead, hot air is being circulated so the various components in the material get released in the vapor. This vapor is then cooled and consumed by users.
  • Smoking cannabis produces a vapor that contains many of the chemicals in marijuana. The plant matter too is burned and its traces are in the vapor. Not all constituents of marijuana are psychoactive or therapeutic. There is useless plant matter as well. Burning such matter is only producing more tar. Vaporizing is more effective at targeting the cannabinoids and essential oils. A user wants to get the benefits of these cannabinoids and essential oils, not the chlorophyll in the leaves or the other compounds in the plant, flower or extract that do not have any effects or benefits to offer.
  • Cannabis vaping is easier than smoking. You do not need to prepare the matter and then roll it to smoke. You can simply use a vaporizer and that may already be loaded with a cartridge containing the extract you will vape. It should be noted that flower and other herbal extract in a solid form can be safely used in a vaporizer. It is relatively unsafe to use oils. Essential oils are best used topically, through dispensers or diffusers and as edibles in some cases. One does not need cannabis in the form of an essential oil for vaping. The essential oils in the flower will be released anyway during vaporization.
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    iFog Vortex

    Cannabis vaping offers a smoother and more consistent experience. Since the entire extract is being vaporized uniformly at the same time, you are likely to enjoy the same consistency in flavor and the density of vapor throughout the session. Smoking cannabis has its peaks and lows. There are puffs that are stronger and there are some moments when you feel like you are smoking leaves. Smoking cannabis can also get particularly uncomfortable towards the end when the joint gets excessively heated up. This is not a concern at all when you are vaping. Most state of the art vaporizers tend to maintain an optimum temperature. Many of these devices have cooling mechanisms so the vapor you get to inhale is not hot.

  • Cannabis vaping can offer a steadier high and you do not have to get too inebriated to feel ecstatic. There is very little you can do to control the potency or the extent to which you will smoke a joint to get the right kind of high. You can stop cannabis vaping whenever you want and then resume again. You can choose concentrates depending on the potency you want. You can also regulate the temperature if you think there is any smoky or burned flavor in the vapor. Besides, cannabis vaping does not cause as much irritation in the lungs or the respiratory system as smoking.

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