Weeds Glass and Gifts

Weeds Glass & Gifts Ltd

Weeds Glass & Gifts Ltd operate a chain of cannabis dispensaries in Canada. They are headquartered in Vancouver BC at their flagship branch at 1108 Richards St. in Yaletown in Downtown Vancouver. Founded in Vancouver by cannabis activist Don Briere, they operate dispensaries under the WEEDS and Mary Jane’s brands in several provinces.  For a complete list of their locations see https://weedsgg.ca/locations/all
Weeds Glass and Gifts operate an online cannabis delivery service as well as several marijuana dispensaries throughout Canada. WEEDS® believes all Canadian adults should be able to obtain cannabis in a safe and welcoming environment. We operate retail stores at locations across Canada where you can see our beautiful glass in person, inspect our product before you purchase; and be helped by knowledgeable staff. Thanks to WEEDS you can now buy weed online as well as at a dispensary near you.

About the Author Chron Valdez

Chron Valdez is a BC cannabis grower turned webslinger.