Choosing a Vape Pen for Cannabis


Yocan Magneto

Yocan Magneto : A Popular Concentrate Pen

There are different types of vape pens for cannabis. You may want to use cannabis oil. You may prefer cannabis wax, isolate, crystal or the herbal extract in its most natural form, which would be the leaves, flowers and stems mashed to form a paste. There are cannabis cartridges that contain e-liquids. The concentration of cannabis extracts varies. The concentration and the exact formulation will also determine the perfect temperature to vaporize the substance. You cannot choose vape pens for cannabis without factoring in the essential requirements of the form you have chosen or will buy.

There are a few common objectives for everyone shopping for vape pens for cannabis. People want a vaporizer that is reliable and safe. The technology should be effective. The device should produce quality vapor and not burn the substance in the process. The vapor should be cool enough but not pale or too bland. There should be a desirable flavor and texture, assured by the density of the vapor. The substance should be used to its utmost potential. Some vape pens do not manage to use the entire substance and a substantial residual part may be wasted. If you are using cartridges then you need compatible vape pens or vice versa.

Begin your quest by distinguishing between proprietary vape pens and open source devices. The former is more expensive but the technology is reliable. Open source vape pens are not bad but they do not have state of the art features. They will cater to your basic need but you will extract the most out of cannabis using proprietary vape pens. The prices will be a major influencing factor. Compatibility will also be a crucial issue. Not all vape devices are compatible with every type of cartridge. Proprietary vape pens for cannabis may be compatible with cartridges made by the brand or only a select few available in the market. Open source devices are usually more compatible. You can find a variety of vape pens at WEEDS in Kits. You can also tap the expertise of the budtenders there to help you make the right choice.

X Max Starry

XMax Starry: A Dry Flower Vaporizer

A major drawback of open source vape pens is the limited temperature control. You will be able to set the temperature but the exact heat generated will not be precise. Proprietary vape pens do a much better job at achieving the exact temperature you want so you can successfully vaporize as much of the cannabis you practically can without actually combusting the substance. You should not burn cannabis when you want to vaporize it. Combustion has side effects. The absence of these side effects is what has made vaporizing healthier and hence popular.

You must choose vape pens for cannabis after you have identified the best form of oil or concentrate that works for you. This is why many people get started with trial kits. They do not purchase the best vape pens straightway. They test different types of cannabis oil, concentrate, isolate, crystal, wax or e-liquid. Cartridges come in various shapes, sizes and concoctions. The one that suits you best should influence your choice of vape pens. People do not respond similarly to the same type of cannabis cartridge or extract. Also, the specific purpose you have in mind, such as pain relief or treating insomnia, will determine your choice of cannabis oil or cartridge.

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