Different Types of Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrate shatter, bud and crumble.

Cannabis bud, crumble, shatter concentrate

Cannabis concentrates are a potent version of marijuana. These are concentrated extracts of the flowering parts of the cannabis plant. Cannabis concentrates have much more tetrahydrocannabinol or THC and cannabinoids or CBDs. People generally use dabbing as the method of consuming cannabis concentrates but many also use vaporizers. Cannabis concentrates can have potency up to ninety percent. It is hence pragmatic to be cautious when you use any type of concentrate for the first time. For a great selection of concentrates and accessories pay a visit to WEEDS on Kingsway.

Cannabis concentrates are used primarily for medical or medicinal purposes. They should be used in moderation for recreational purposes. Concentrates do not contain non-flowering parts of the cannabis plant. The resins are separated from the cannabis flowers to ensure greater extraction of terpenes, cannabinoids and tetrahydrocannabinols. There are more than ten different types or variants of cannabis concentrates. These are hashish, kief, moon rocks, rosin, hash oil, shatter, sugar wax, budder, crumble and live resin.
Hashish is the most popular of all cannabis concentrates. There are different kinds of hashish, depending on the form, method of separation and extraction, processing and other attributes. Some common types of hashish or hash are bubble hash, charas hash, Lebanese hash, Super Nepalese hash, Afghani hash and Moroccan slate hash. The method of production is the main differentiator among these types. Hash or hashish can be smoked or consumed in foods.
Kief is a powdered concentrate. It contains pure trichomes but there is some plant matter as well so you are unlikely to get a hundred percent concentration. Moon rocks are made from kief. Moon rocks are made by dipping buds into cannabis oil and then rolling them into the powdered form of kief. Moon rocks can be expensive and they may not be as potent as kief.

K-1 Live Resin

K-1 Live Resin

Rosin is also known as weed wax. It is the solid form of cannabis resin. The resin is extracted from the flowers using heat and pressure. It is an industrial process but there are homemade alternatives as well. Hash oil, also known as butane hash oil, is a popular type of cannabis concentrates. The trichomes are separated from the buds using alcohol. The resulting liquid is then heated so the alcohol evaporates leaving behind hash oil. It is a potent plant extract, as pure as a variant can be. Shatter is another extremely potent type of cannabis concentrates. It is a pure extract obtained using a process known as butane hash oil extraction.
Sugar wax is also made using butane extraction. Budder is neither cannabis wax nor shatter. The same method of butane hash oil extraction is used to make budder. Budder has more terpenes than other forms on concebtrate. Crumble is made in the same way as cannabis wax is produced but the temperature required during purging varies. Live resin is extracted from fresh buds that have just been harvested and subsequently frozen. Live resin uses one of the most advanced methods of extracting cannabis concentrates. It is not possible to extract cannabis concentrates in the form of live resin at home. Full spectrum extract is another variant but it is a more potent form of hash oil.

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