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​WEEDS has you covered for all your cannabis needs with a wide selection of flower concentrates, edibles and accessories.

​1108 Richards St.
Vancouver, BC
 V6B 3E6

​Hours of Operation​


9AM ➤ 10PM


9AM ➤ 10PM


9AM ➤ 10PM


9AM ➤ 10PM


9AM ➤ 10PM


9AM ➤ 10PM


11AM ➤ 10PM


11AM ➤ 5PM

WEEDS® ​Marijuana Dispensary Downtown Vancouver

The downtown Vancouver branch of WEEDS® on Richards St. is our flagship store, conveniently located on the corner of Richards and Helmcken one block from the Contemporary Art Gallery. Our educated team of highly trained cannabis professionals is able help you make an informed choice in a relaxing atmosphere. We carry a wide selection of fresh made edibles and “baked goods”. We pride ourselves on providing a safe and relaxed atmosphere and encourage you to make use of our lounge to you roll up a number before you head out. WEEDS® on Richards also has a full and self serve dab bar where you can try our fine array of concentrates. 

cannabis lounge and dab bar

Enjoy the Lounge and Dab Bar

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​Wide Selection of Accessories

downtown vancouver dispensary

WEEDS Yaletown

cannabis dispensary downtown vancouver

Top Shelf Cannabis Products

Your Quick and Convenient Pot Shop

WEEDS® is conveniently located on Richards St. in Yaletown, we’re open daily from 9am until 10pm. Buying cannabis from your local WEEDS® is quicker than mail-order delivery service and allows you to inspect your selection before purchase.

A Dispensary Prioritizing Safety and Security

When you shop at one of our stores, not only do you get your hand picked selections right away, we accept debit, cash and major credit cards to make payment convenient and secure. Our stores are clean and friendly, no need to venture into a back alley or some shady establishment.

​Weed Strains for the Conn​ieseur

Traditional street dealers usually only offer one or two strains and they can be of questionable quality. At WEEDS® we carry a healthy selection of sativas, indicas and hybrid strains, a wide array of edibles, and a cornucopia of concentrates, including multiple varieties of shatter, wax, and cannabis oils. We were voted the dispensary with the best strains by readers of the Georgia Straight.

We also carry a selection of WEEDS® branded medical marijuana products such as CBD oils and tinctures that are not available anywhere else.

​Tried Tested and True

All of our products are examined under a microscope before we purchase and send them off to the lab for testing. Our thorough testing regimen guarantees our products are free of molds and other toxic residues. We turn away over 70% of the cannabis we look at, we doubt there are many places that can say that. Due to our rigorous testing and the decades of experience of our procurement team, you can be sure that all our strains are accurately labeled.

We source all of our medical grade cannabis from the best producers in BC , where it is lab tested before being placed on our shelves. WEEDS® products are all “Tried Tested and True”

What Our Customers Think

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WEEDS KIngsway Dispensary Review Great Place with Good Staff

Support the Local Community

Shopping at WEEDS® enriches the community by providing employment opportunities as well as charitable donations and tax revenue for the province and city of Vancouver. Every time you support your nearest weed dispensary you are removing the residual stigma and repairing the damage caused by the failed War on Drugs. 

WEEDS is Vancouver's Best Dispensary
  • Voted the dispensary with the best strains by readers of the Georgia Straight, WEEDS has some of the best flower available.
  • Best cannabis edibles in Vancouver if not the country.
  • weed dispensary near me. Wherever you are downtown, WEEDS is nearby and stocked with the products you need.
  • Most highly reviewed pot shop in Vancouver, we have a very positive overall rating because we try and make sure every customer leaves happy.
  • Vaporizer Shop with the best wax pens and concentrates. While our selection of vape pens is less extensive than many vaporizer shops this is because we have chosen to stock only the most practical vapes for today's cannabis user.