Enjoy Cinema At Marine Gateway-The Coolest Village In Metro Vancouver

Cineplex Cinemas Marine Gateway and VIP

Cineplex Cinemas Marine Gateway and VIP Entrance

Located in of the most buzzing metro hubs in Vancouver, the Cineplex Cinemas Marine Gateway VIP is an exciting addition to Marine Gateway village. The most remarkable feature of this area is its location. It intersects the Marine Drive Canada Line Station and the South Vancouver Bus Loop, providing direct access to the entire city of Metro Vancouver. In this prime location exists a wide variety of health food stores, restaurants, drug stores, and shops among other amenities.

Back in 2007 before PCI Developments Corp came in and made the purchase to expand the area, Marine Gateway was largely left unused. The area was largely left empty, with single family housing units and industrial/commercial buildings occupying much of the space. This was hardly its full potential. The new founders took the opportunity to transform it into what they envisioned to be, a hot spot for various amenities located at a major intersection of the city.

The PCI founders were right. This area, now thanks to it being located two between major transportation lines, takes in massive volumes of passing people each day, making it quite a useful stop for many travelers. Included are shops and services such as Winners, Sleep Country, Rogers Wireless, Express News, fitness stops such as Steve Nash Fitness, a Loblaws grocery store and the Irish Pub and Liquor Store. Of course there’s much more included in this village and much more to come in the future as you will find out once you start exploring! As there are currently no cannabis dispensaries in Richmond, you’re best bet is to visit WEEDS on Main St. which is a short trip away.

If we are talking about places to live and places to work, then you’ve also found the right place. Just a couple blocks from the southeast corner of SW Marine Drive and Cambie Street, the area harbors 415 residential condominium units. These are sold out most of the time. Currently 800 residents reside with 46 dedicated market rental units. There are over 1,500 jobs currently at the Marine Gateway’s 250,000 SF Class A LEED™ Gold office building, making the option of working plus living in this area certainly viable. Lastly, all of this wouldn’t the attraction its been made out to be if it wasn’t for the beautiful panoramic view that surrounds the area.

Cineplex Cinemas Marine Gateway Box-Office

Cineplex Cinemas Marine Gateway Box-Office

You can travel to and from the village through all of the latest sustainable transportation customs. Regardless of how you like to travel, what is being offered now is a Bike Mobility Centre which is a publicly-accessible bike storage facility featuring bike repair services, charge and parking stations for electric vehicles, and 3rd party car sharing services.

A forward thinking, sustainable, twenty first century model is the basis of the motto here at Marine Gateway. Andrew Grant, president of developer PCI Developments Corp labeled it as “more of a model that you might see in Europe or Asia, particularly Hong Kong.” The Marine Gateway is an exemplary addition to the development of the city of Metro Vancouver. Catch some of the latest and hottest movie films at the 11 inch screen Cineplex Cinema and enjoy the rest of the services at the Marine Gateway village.

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