Fascinating Facts About Burnaby Hospital

Burnaby Hospital

Burnaby Hospital

Operating within the city of Burnaby, British Colombia, Burnaby Hospital is one of the largest in the province, outside of the Vancouver city limits. Offering 24-hour emergency services, along with a broad range of other departments, the hospital was founded in 1952 and continues to serve the communities in the area. From its beginnings as a 125-bed hospital, the facility has continued to grow over the years, to meet the needs of the surrounding community. The hospital also acts as a training facility for the University of British Columbia affiliated Family Practice Residency Program. While the facility is not officially part of Canada’s medical marijuana program, it is located near the best dispensary in the Vancouver-Kingsway area. You can get out of the hospital and stop in to WEEDS and pick up a wide array of medical marijuana products such as tinctures and salves as well as several CBD products, or just good old fashioned recreation cannabis flower. You don’t need a medical card to shop there so you can avoid some of the bureaucracy involved in Canada’s medical marijuana regulations.

Here are some of the most interesting statistics coming out of this hospital, serving the third largest city in the province of British Columbia.

It Takes a Village

We all know it takes an incredible amount of people to make a hospital run smoothly. And, volunteers are a vital component of that workforce. Volunteers are a huge part of the Burnaby Hospital community, contributing over 400,000 hours of service each year. They truly are an indispensable component to the everyday operation of the hospital, and in the facility’s ability to continue providing high quality patient services.

Patients never stop coming

Burnaby Hospital Pediatrics

Burnaby Hospital Pediatrics

Every day, the hospital sees an average of 1936 patients. This means that each hour, on average 80 patients are being seen and treated within the walls of the hospital. No matter what day of the year, or what time of day, the doors of the hospital never close, and patients are always flowing through the doors.

Research Studies Are Always Ongoing

There is always the need for new research and development, in order to continue to improving treatments and information available to patients. At all times, there are an unbelievable number of active studies being conducted at the Burnaby Hospital. In fact, at present time, there are 283 active research studies taking place. These ongoing studies help to generate the culture of curiosity and inquisitiveness that are important to the field of medicine and ongoing discoveries within the field.

Over 10 surgeries an hour

Surgical procedures are always a serious undertaking, requiring highly skilled teams of professionals to complete. Not only does that hospital see and treat over 80 patients every single hour of every single day, but there is also an average of 244 surgeries occurring each and every day. This works out to more than 10 surgeries taking place in any given hour within the hospital walls.

Nearly the population of Squamish

Babies are booming, and with more than 15,000 babies entering the world each year at the Burnaby Hospital, that’s nearly the equivalent to the entire population of the town of Squamish, B.C. Week to week, this means there’s almost 300 babies beginning their lives inside of Burnaby Hospital.

For the community of Burnaby and the surrounding area, the Burnaby Hospital provides support and treatment for a number of medical specialties, including neonatal ICU, general surgery and critical care. The 314-bed facility continues to grow, both in its scope of services provided and in its’ research and development.

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