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Date de test: 2018-12-28
  • THC / CBD
  • Terpènes
Aucune information sur les terpènes n'est disponible pour le moment.
Les résultats d'analyses sont générés par un laboratoire independent de la Colombie-Britannique qui a fait ses preuves en terme de qualité et d'éthique.

Sapphire OG HTFSE


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High Cannabinoid / High Terpene Full Spectrum Extraction is also referred to as (HCFSE/HTFSE). Full spectrum extract (FSE) captures the entire biochemical imprint of the plant, offering an elevated terpene and cannabinoid profile, while leaving practically zero residual solvent. Recognized as a cleaner, broader spectrum concentration process, FSE is rapidly becoming a connoisseur favorite.

Sapphire OG (OG x Afghani) is an indica dominant hybrid. From the FSE process, pronounced smells of peppered cheese and musk, invite tingling sensations to gather at the tip of your nose. Most certainly an OG strain, the high is body effecting. This comforting strain evokes a sense of fuzzy warmth, perfect for a cold winter’s day and sedating body effects.

Poids: 1g