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Date de test: 2019-05-06
  • THC / CBD
  • Terpènes
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Les résultats d'analyses sont générés par un laboratoire independent de la Colombie-Britannique qui a fait ses preuves en terme de qualité et d'éthique.



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Screwband (Screwface Kush x Headband) is a hybrid strain. Dramatically titled, this strain exacts its namesake through impact and effect. Upon the exhale, potent puffs of kush gallantly march to the sensory fore. A wildly exciting cerebral effect is immediately felt, followed by an enveloping feeling of tingles and couch lock. The dichotomy between sativa and indica elements are celebrated in Screwbands genetics. An enveloping feeling of utter calm immerses itself in the high, post the initial flighty buzz. The experience is noted to successfully lend itself to expressing the strongest attributes of both phenotypes.