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Date de test: 2019-02-22
  • THC / CBD
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Les résultats d'analyses sont générés par un laboratoire independent de la Colombie-Britannique qui a fait ses preuves en terme de qualité et d'éthique.

Viridesco - Organic Hemp Flower Oil - 30.20% CBD


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Viridesco oil is made by a passionate group of Vancouver Islanders. The widespread success and reverence held towards Viridesco products can be attributed to the company-wide adoration for creating high-quality cannabis products. Viridesco oil is one of the purest factions of cannabinoid oil available and its potency spectacularly illustrates the ease in which one can benefit from cannabis oil therapy.

This full spectrum CBD oil is made from organic hemp flower. Full spectrum oil is comprised of all other cannabinoids, such as CBN, CBG and functions to alleviate pain and to provide relief.

Each batch is lab tested to validate its specific cannabinoid profile and to ensure quality standards. This high-end oil has been independently tested at MB labs and contains 30.2% CBD.

Available in a 2ml dispenser.