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Date de test: 2019-01-25
  • THC / CBD
  • Terpènes
Aucune information sur les terpènes n'est disponible pour le moment.
Les résultats d'analyses sont générés par un laboratoire independent de la Colombie-Britannique qui a fait ses preuves en terme de qualité et d'éthique.



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Zeus (unknown genetics) is of an almighty calibre. This hybrid strain is aptly named, as Zeus is a powerful, full-bodied choice, with a high percentage of CBG at 5.6%. CBG reduces inflammation, slows bacterial growth, is an anti-microbial, and can inhibit cancer cell growth. The dominant scent is spicy and microbiological, with scattered hints of pine and a dreamy whirl of sweetness to follow suit. Subdued greens and winter blue leaves intertwine compactly, neatly and densely. The high follows a sativa trajectory and encompasses elements of cognitive exhilaration, followed by a relaxing calm from your head to your toes!