Got the Munchies? Safeway Collingwood Is the Place To Shop!

Collingwood Safeway

Collingwood Safeway

Safeway Collingwood is a great place to visit if you are looking for a store that has a lot to offer. Safeway Collingwood is located in Vancouver, British Columbia and is open Monday through Sunday from 7:00 A.M. until 12:00 A.M. and offers a variety of foods and services.

Safeway is a store that has it all including a deli department, a meat department, produce, seafood and fresh food that is made in the store. The store offers a sushi counter that has sushi that is made daily in the store and is fresh and delicious.

Safeway Collingwood has a pharmacy, a floral department and a Western Union so you can get all of your shopping and business needs done in one place. The store also offers a Starbucks so you can enjoy a hot, steaming cup of coffee while you shop or sit down and enjoy a chat with a friend while you relax and drink your beverage. While you are resting, be sure to check your email with their free customer wi-fi. This is a great place to stop if you have the munchies either before or after a vistit to your favourite weed store – WEEDS on Kingsway. To check out what they have to offer click here.

Safeway Collingwood has a lot to offer and they are great to their customers. They want you to get the best bang for your buck and they do this by offering low prices and by accepting manufacturer and in store coupons. The store even accepts internet coupons that are printed and that have serial numbers listed on them. Coupons on your phone are no problem and they will be accepted right from your phone as long as it has a PLU number.

If your item is not in stock at Safeway Collingwood, they will go the extra mile to see that you are happy. The store offers a rain check for items that are not in stock or items that sold out for the day and they allow you to use the rain check for up to 30 days form the date that it is issued. So, if you miss an item, get your rain check so you can pick the item up on another day.

Collingwood-Safeway Rear

Collingwood-Safeway Rear

A weekly flyer is used to tell about all the deals and all of the offerings that Safeway Collingwood has to offer. These weekly flyers let you know early what is going to be on sale so that you can plan to make a one trip stop to Safeway Collingwood and get all of your shopping done then.

Not only is Safeway Collingwood a great place to shop, but they care about their community. Safeway Collingwood has led their community for over 80 years and has donated over $10 million dollars to help support the local community, offering programs for people that have disabilities and offering support for healthy and nutritional living.

Safeway Collingwood is one of the largest contributors to food banks across the western part of Canada in an effort to stop hunger and to make sure that communities get a chance to eat. Safeway Collingwood also helps to support and serve at events, fairs and festivals that happen all over the community. Their giving has helped communities and neighborhoods to live healthier and their philosophy is to serve others.

If you are in the Vancouver area, do not hesitate to stop and support Safeway Collingwood.

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