How to Choose Cannabis Flower

Assorted cannabis buds on scoopers

Assorted Cannabis Flower

The quality of cannabis flower will determine your experience. If the flower is of poor quality, then you will not experience the therapeutic effects. Whether you intend to smoke cannabis or prefer using the edible parts in snacks and desserts, you must choose the finest strains. Beginners often fail to differentiate between good and bad flowers. In reality, there are more poor quality strains and cannabis flower than you would want to believe. High quality and fresh cannabis flower is hard to come by if you do not find the right source.  Some people avoid buying cannabis flower online for this reason. One does not get to actually touch and feel, smell and assess the quality of the cannabis flower when it is purchased online. A surefire way to be sure of getting quality cannabis flower is to buy it from your local WEEDS dispensary.

The first step to choose cannabis flower is to figure out if it is of poor quality. This is quite easy and you need not be an experienced user to spot the telltale signs. If cannabis flower looks dried and unhealthy, then it is definitely bad quality. Dried flowers come from unhealthy cannabis. You do not want the flower to look as if it is going to crumble if you touch it. The flower should be green. The exact shade of green can vary. Some flowers are light lime. Some are deep green. The richness of the color green can vary and it is alright, as long as the flower is not too dry. The bud structure should be dense and tight. There should not be any flakiness. The texture should not be too wrinkly or just pale. It is normal for cannabis flowers to have tinges of pink, blue or purple.

Do not buy cannabis flower if it has seeds. Do not buy cannabis flower if it has too many leaves. It is not uncommon for cannabis to be sold with plenty of stems and leaves. This just shows the plants were not taken care of during their growth and subsequently at the time of harvest. Cannabis plants should be trimmed routinely. Having too many leaves or stems with the cannabis flower will lead to a rather harsh smoke. You do not want a rich flavor of chlorophyll. The experience can be extremely disappointing.

Black Diamond

Black Diamond from WEEDS

You can tell a quality cannabis flower from a poor one by smelling it. After all, it is still a flower and it should have a natural fragrance. If you have the nose for it, you will smell vanilla or some kind of fruity fragrance. Many cannabis flowers smell like pine and skunk. The aromas can vary as there are different strains and the curing process also adds or takes away to or from the natural fragrances. Most important of all is the fragrance of freshness. The fragrance will also be quite powerful. A good quality cannabis flower will not have a subtle aroma. The aroma will be strong enough to be smelled from a fair distance.

Finally, touch the cannabis flower and see if it is sticky. It should not be too dry or wet. Dry flower will crumble. Wet flower will not burn evenly and it may also have mildew. An appropriately cured cannabis flower will be springy.

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