How To Find the Right Cannabis Edibles

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Cannabis flower with a block of butter.

Edibles provide a delicious and (sometimes) nutritious way to medicate or enjoy the high from cannabis. The modern-day industry is full of tasty options that range from complete dishes to handheld snacks. Unfortunately, that increased supply has made it difficult for some people to determine whether they’ve got a good product or not.

Shopping trips for edibles are further complicated by the fact that there are no current regulations on a product’s dosage, ingredients or potency. Therefore, it’s difficult to pick out the perfect edible, especially when you’re unsure about what’s in it. To choose the right cannabis edible, you must first go through the following 3 steps:

1. Check Out the Label

WEEDS Cannabis Chocolate Bon Bons

WEEDS Cannabis Chocolate Bon Bons

Although not every edible on today’s market is wrapped up in a detailed package, WEEDS edibles are. With our high end chocolates and other edibles, labeling is an important part of brand legitimacy. So, check out what’s printed there before you buy anything. They are all accurately marked with THC and CBD content where appropriate. We also carry THC Jelly Bombs from Twisted extracts. In short we hand pick all the edibles we stock based on quality and potency. You can be sure you are getting a quality delicious product with the dosage clearly marked on the package.

Correct dosage information should be included and is designed to help you figure out how to break up the edible so you can consume 10mg of THC or less with each serving. This metered approach makes it easier to enjoy the buzz or benefit from the medicinal properties without suffering from adverse side effects.

While you’re at it, look for a list of the ingredients. It’s vital that you consume edibles that contain plenty of vitamins and minerals, as this helps the THC circulate throughout your body more quickly and efficiently. These days, it’s common to find edibles made for virtually any type of diet plan. There are even gluten-free, paleo, vegan and non-GMO varieties available.

2. Look for Lab Testing

Consider yourself lucky if you find a cannabis edible that has ingredients which have been thoroughly tested in a laboratory setting. This is especially true if you use cannabis primarily for medicinal purposes. Lab-tested edibles are generally more potent than non-tested products. However, that’s not always the case.

Proper lab testing will determine the potency of the edible as it relates to similar products. That determination also encourages many manufacturers to use child-resistant packaging. So, while the results of the lab test may not be listed on the label, a child-proof lid is a good indication of a reputable source.

3. Know Your Intentions

In general, higher doses of THC produce more extreme results and lower doses of THC produce slighter effects. For example, pain relief is best achieved with high dose THC edibles, while minor problems such as headache or nausea can be relieved with lower amounts. If you’re eating edibles simply to catch a buzz, the THC potency isn’t quite as important. However, it’s still essential that you know what you’re getting into.

Quick Tips

If you’re unsure how an edible will affect you or if you’re apprehensive about trying something new, just ask your budtender what they recommend. Most dispensaries are employed by knowledgeable and experienced professionals who know all there is to know about cannabis edibles. Don’t be afraid to seek suggestions.

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