Joyce-Collingwood Station

Joyce Collingwood Station Entrance

Joyce Collingwood Station Entrance

The Joyce-Collingwood Station is a SkyTrain station located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. If you are looking for a station that can connect to a large number of TransLink bus routes, the Joyce-Collingwood Station is the place for you. This station has bus routes that service North Vancouver, Burnaby and eastern Vancouver with 43 express routes that run from this station to the University of British Columbia.

The different platforms offer a different destination route, with platform one running towards Waterfront or 29th Avenue and platform two which runs towards King George and Production Way University on Patterson street. This station is called T. Station S is on the West side of the street and this is the West entrance that has the ticket vending machines and the gates where users can purchase tickets. The East Street entrance is a drop off area and there are also ticket vending machines and gates where users can purchase tickets.

If you are in need of a handicapped entrance, using the West entrance that is on the west side of Joyce Street, has a fully accessible entrance with both an escalator and an elevator for the handicapped needs. The East entrance that is located on the east side of Joyce Street also has a handicapped entrance. The entrance offers the down escalators and an elevator for the handicapped needs. The East entrance is the passenger drop-off area and this area is oftentimes congested during drop off times.

In the neighborhood are many restaurants and shops that people can enjoy while they wait for their train or if they just want to take the day to enjoy the neighborhood. There are a variety of restaurants including Chinese, Japanese Vietnamese and other types of restaurants. Most of the stations are accessible to shopping and to eating venues and even though there are times when the train gets crowded, the station offers comfortable seating and an inviting atmosphere. One of the most frequented nearby attractions is one of the best weed dispensaries in Vancouver, WEEDS.

Joyce Collingwood Station

Joyce Collingwood Station

The Joyce-Collingwood Station is close to many amenities such as local parks, fishing areas, shopping centers, museums and if you want to make a day of it, get off and take a historical walk through the town to see old buildings and walk through one of the oldest neighborhoods in the area.

For those that are traveling and staying in the area, there are many hotels that are close to the Joyce-Collingwood Station, so plan your stay and visit for a while.

The station has recently been upgraded and offers newly renovated fixtures, easier access to the station, newly renovated entrances, new elevators, up and down escalators, a retail place, a larger concourse area and offers a place to park your bike while you ride on the train. The station house is also making new renovations, with a larger roof, new elevator and escalators, a newly renovated station design with better lighting and more design.

The Joyce-Collingwood Station is the place to go if you are looking for a way to get from city to city fast. The SkyTrain offers great transportation and a place to stop and enjoy the city!

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