Kitsilano Pool

Kitsilano Pool

Kitsilano Pool

Vancouver is a great city with amazing people. The people of Vancouver love swimming, mostly outdoors during the summer season. There are only about 5 outdoor pools in Vancouver, and these pools are only opened during the summer period, these places are wonderful to visit. However, there are a lot of indoor pools as well that open at any time of the year.

You will find this awesome pool in the center of Kitsilano. It is situated on one of the 5 incredible beaches of Vancouver; the Kitsilano Pool. Spanning a massive 137 meters, it is about the biggest swimming pool in entire North America. Kitsilano pool is the Vancouver’s only warmed-up salt water pool.

If you are looking for a perfect holiday destination with amazing views of the incredible skyline, mountains, breathtaking sea, and awesome beach, then Kitsilano pool is the best place to be. It offers the perfect means of a momentary escape from everyday stress. It is definitely worth a visit after a trip to WEEDS, Kitsilano’s best marijuana dispensary.

History of Kitsilano pool

The Kitsilano pool was launched in the year 1931; however, in the month of May of that same year, it was officially opened. The official opening was marked with a renovated elevator worth about $3.3 million. Some improvements were done on the pool, which includes; general repairs, the old pool was removed and replaced with a new one. Also, new pumps were installed to help with the movement of seawater both in out of the pool.

Kits Pool in the Summer

Kits Pool in the Summer

Right now, the pool is much better and smoother than it has ever been. Taking a bath in this pool has never been much easier. With the old design, it was necessary to fill the pool with about one million liters of fresh drinking water, recently, the need for that has been drastically reduced by a staggering 80% thanks to the new structure and design which has made it environmentally safe for everyone.

How to get to the Kitsilano Pool

Kitsilano Pool is situated in Cornwall street, Basalm Street and Yew Street. Kitsilano Pool is also a part of the Beach Park. Car owners can park their cars on the parking lots for a small fee for easy access. Motorcyclists can also get access to Kitsilano Pool through a dike. It is also accessible through False Creek by using ferries.

Kits Pool Program

Kitsilano Pool is usually open between May and September. The schedule is not constant, that is to say to that it opens and closes for the season dependent on the weather.

How to Have the Best Experience at Kitsilano Beach

Are you thinking of taking a trip to Kitsilano Pool Park? It is very easy to include a visit to Kitsilano Beach as well. Doing this will further enhance your experience. Vancouver is such a wonderful place with beautiful places to visit. Planning a trip to one of those beautiful places without including the others will be out of place because it will certainly not give you a complete experience. You can also take your pets such as your Prams and Dogs along with you in case you are going alone and you need extra company, those pets are allowed at Kitsilano Pool.


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