WEEDS® Glass & Gifts Dispensary

Vanier - Ottawa

77-B Montreal Road
Ottawa, ON
K1L 6E8

Phone:(613) 695-9420
Email: WEEDS® Glass & Gifts Dispensary

Hours of Operation

Monday 9AM ➤ 8PM
Tuesday 9AM ➤ 8PM
Wednesday 9AM ➤ 8PM
Thursday 9AM ➤ 10PM
Friday 9AM ➤ 10PM
Saturday 9AM ➤ 10PM
Sunday 9AM ➤ 8PM
Holidays 11AM ➤ 5PM


WEEDS® Montreal Road is located in Vanier, Ottawa. This location offers a variety of quality glass, gifts, accessories and more.  Our friendly and educated staff are happy to suggest some of our amazing products, and can assist you with your needs  Relax and twist one up before heading out. Join us for our WEEDS® Higher Times from 4:20-7:10 pm to receive 15% off our daily product deals! Local parking is available. WEEDS® Montreal Road is open daily.