Nanaimo Station

Nanaimo Station

Nanaimo Station

One of the most important and actively used stations along the entire public transportation train line throughout Vancouver is undergoing a major overhaul and renovation project, a project that isn’t just going to modernize and update the facilities but is going to essentially “future proof” this station as well.

Nanaimo Station, named after the city of Nanaimo situated out on Vancouver Island is one of the most often utilized public transportation stations in Vancouver, particularly when it comes to the west side of the city.

Originally built back in 1985 (and incrementally upgraded ever since), Nanaimo Station was intended to be a foundational part of the Sky Train system – the line of trains that runs throughout Vancouver now known as the Expo Line.

Jointly owned and operated by BC Transit and TransLink the station is the western most public transportation facility along the Expo Line. It sits atop what used to be the Central Park Line of the old British Columbia Electric Railway and is a partially elevated facility that also has street-level access.

Back in 2002, when the new Millennium Line service was first introduced to the station (providing outbound traffic to the VCC – Clark station in New Westminster, a variety of different upgrades were made to allow for this kind of access. However, when the service was discontinued and later replaced with the introduction of the Expo Line that heads out to Production Way – University in 2016 city planners who recognized that the entire Nanaimo Station needed to be overhauled and upgraded significantly.

Capable of servicing 6700 passengers as of right now, construction that began in the last quarter of 2018 is expected to dramatically improve that level of service while at the same time creating a more expansive, a more efficient, and a more environmentally friendly Nanaimo Station.

As it sits right now, Platform I heads along the Expo Line towards the Waterfront (Commercial – Broadway) while the Platform II Expo Line will head towards King George and Production Way – University. This makes it nicely located to take a ride to WEEDS on Kingsway, East Vancouver’s top cannabis store.

The new Nanaimo Station improvements (improvements that will be unveiled in available to the general public throughout 2019) are going to be mainly focused on bus loop transportation services. The entire bus exchange system is going to be overhauled from top to bottom, with the new Northbound Number 25 bus and Southbound Number 25 and Number 7 buses able to take advantage of new “inner loops” along the edge of 24th Ave.

All of the buses that routinely operated out of Nanaimo Station are going to continue their routes “as is”, however these buses have been temporarily stationed to on street locations along Nanaimo Street and 24th Avenue – at least until the new bus loop has concluded construction.

City officials as well as representatives from BC Transit and TransLink expect these upgrades will make this station one of the most efficient and improved along the entire public transportation line, able to service well over the 6700 daily train passengers and 4600 bus passengers just as soon as it is completely up and running.


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