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Oakridge Centre is a large shopping centre based in the heart of Vancouver, BC, on the intersection of Cambie Street and West 41st Avenue. Opening hours vary from day-to-day, but on weekdays, the centre is usually open between 9:30AM and 7-9PM. The store provides on-site parking, and can also be accessed by the TransLink bus service that runs along 41st Avenue and Cambie Street.

Originally constructed in 1959, Oakridge was later bought from Woodward’s Stores by Hudson’s Bay in 1993. Currently, Oakridge is one of the two largest shopping centres situated within the city of Vancouver, with two floors, and a present total of 150 stores making up the 575,168 square feet of indoor space.

There are numerous shopping and recreational activities to keep all visitors entertained at Oakridge Centre. From the popular clothing stores like GAP, Banana Republic and Hugo Boss, to stores selling the latest items in jewellery, technology and homeware, there really is a retail avenue for everyone.

Food-wise, you’re certainly not short of choice at Oakridge Centre. KFC, Subway, Curry Express and Starbucks are just a few of the restaurants based on-site for your convenience. If you’re after tea of coffee, groceries, or speciality foods, you shouldn’t have a problem finding what you need at Oakridge. So if you have the munchies from a visit to WEEDS, your local cannabis store, then Oakridge Centre is a great place to stop.

For anyone with errands to run, there are a number of helpful services provided to visitors of Oakridge. You can find easy access to banks, post offices, and a library, as well as a children’s learning centre and an opticians.

Oakridge is currently undergoing a reinvention, including the construction of a modern civic hub providing homes for approximately 6,000 inhabitants, a new community centre, an approximate one million square feet of retail, a daycare, and a large nine-acre park. The $5 billion redevelopment, which is said to have taken over a decade of planning, will almost double the current retail space, and is set to be complete in 2025.

Oakridge Centre Interior


A large 50,000 square foot food court has been planned, as well as a new indoor mall area, new office space and a public park. Of the original centre, only the office building and the residential building have been retained.

Sustainability is important to Oakridge’s new developers, and plans have been discussed regarding reducing employee footprint by over 56%, and reconstructing large areas of West 41st Avenue and Cambie Street to benefit every type of traffic, including cyclists and pedestrians.

While construction is underway, there may be some disturbances to Oakridge Centre and the areas surrounding it, including parking. Updated information is released regularly by the Oakridge representatives, so if you’re planning a trip in the near future, it may be worth checking in advance to ensure a smooth experience.

Oakridge offers four complimentary parking hours during shopping, and disabled and mother and baby parking is widely available. All entrances have ramps for wheelchairs, and lifts are available around the mall. If you have any specific requirements you would like to discuss in advance, for most enquiries, Oakridge can be contacted on info@oakridgecentre.com or 604.261.2511.

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