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A message from the President:

The Truth About the Medical Benefits of Cannabis

There is a huge awakening currently taking place in local communities across Canada as people discover the truth about the medical benefits of Cannabis. Long gone are the days of “Reefer Madness” where bogus lobbyists and corrupt politicians promoted an aggressive anti­-Cannabis campaign based on lies, ignorance and their own economic self-­interest. Unfortunately some Reefer madness is still happening, perpetrated mostly by those who profit from the attempted prohibition of Cannabis. Alcohol is available in clusters all over our cities. Commercial Tobacco kills millions of people a year and yet is more available to consumers than alcohol, just for example. To consider possession of a flower as a crime is to undermine our own justice system and bring all laws into disrepute.

Cannabis Dispensaries Are Growing Like WEEDS. Why?

The bottom line is that Cannabis therapy has been making massive contributions in several major health areas like pain management, anxiety disorders, cancer, seizure disorders, etc... In response to these facts, communities have taken it upon themselves to directly challenge the unjust laws around Cannabis prohibition. Cannabis dispensaries are growing like WEEDS®. Why? Because Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast want to access the same medical options and economic opportunities that people in the Vancouver area are enjoying at this very moment. Canadians know that locally owned and operated dispensaries are a much more preferable option when compared to the black market status quo where the bulk of profits are laundered and exported by organized crime to further their other endeavors such as human trafficking, etc... Criminals don’t pay taxes but legitimate businesses do pay taxes such as GST, PST, corporate, personal, CPP, OAS, EI, etc...

CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta has Made Stunning Policy Reversals

In Vancouver and some other Canadian cities Cannabis “dispensaries” have opened up, defying the federal laws to give people a safer alternative to the underground Cannabis market. These dispensaries also fill the void left by the inadequate federal program that was mandated by the courts to provide Cannabis to medical users. Anyone can read the American National Cancer Institute’s report on “premedical” studies in mice and rats that have shown cannabinoids may inhibit tumor growth by causing cell death, blocking cell growth and blocking the development of the blood vessels needed by tumors to grow. In fact one only has to google “Cannabis for Medical Purposes” to find a huge volume of studies and information showing the efficacy and utility of cannabinoids. Even longtime opponents of Medical Cannabis like CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta have recently made stunning policy reversals due to their own encounters with the truth. To quote Dr. Gupta “I apologize because I didn’t look hard enough, until now. I didn’t look far enough. I didn’t review papers from smaller labs in other countries doing some remarkable research, and I was too dismissive of the loud chorus of legitimate patients whose symptoms improved on Cannabis.”

Colorado Cannabis Taxes Forecast $125 Million in 2015 Compared to $44 Mil in Previous Year

As Colorado state has recently shown the world; Cannabis legalization has led to a tremendous influx of new tax dollars with Colorado on pace to take in $125 million in 2015, compared to just $44 million last year. There are also many other benefits occurring as a result of legalization like the savings of police resources and a reduction in violent crimes. A new report from CIBC World Markets says Canada's federal and provincial governments could reap as much as $5 billion annually in tax revenues from the sale of legal Cannabis.

Criminal Misuse of Public Funds

Cannabis available through regulated retail outlets would offset the use of alcohol, commercial tobacco, and other dangerous substances; saving lives and money. The Cannabis industry creates new job opportunities and expands the tax base allowing our under­-funded schools and hospitals to invest in critical infrastructure. To continue Cannabis prohibition in today’s world offers nothing but criminal misuse of public funds, “organized criminals”, “drug gangs”, who thrive and benefit greatly from prohibition. Criminals don’t pay taxes. Criminals operate without any regard for the law or public safety. Criminals run around our communities with guns and knives, killing, beating, bribing, and bullying our youth and then turning them into “organized criminals” or “drug dealers”. For our political leaders to allow this to continue amounts to criminal negligence and willful blindness.

The Evidence is Overwhelming that Cannabis Prohibition is far more damaging to a person's Health than Cannabis Itself

The evidence is irrefutable. Cannabis is not toxic. In fact, it is beneficial for many serious ailments. Officials enforcing the archaic sick laws are abusing their positions by enforcing laws based on lies. When, and if, challenged such “dispensaries” or “communities” should consider charging the government officials responsible with the criminal misuse of public tax resources, and filing in civil court for recovery of our wasted tax dollars and resources.

​It's Time to End the War on Drugs in Canada

In order for our communities to thrive we need to actually live and act according to democratic principles. We the people decide how to prioritize where and how our tax dollars are spent. It is obvious that helping our two million children who go daily without proper food, clothing, and shelter should be our number one priority. We the people urgently demand a community-based approach to job shifting, where the police no longer have to arrest, transport, jail, process, then go to court, for nonviolent Cannabis offences.

Legal and illegal drug addicts (oxycontin, fentanyl...) use Cannabis as an exit drug. If these addicts are no longer involved in smash and grab property crime and violent muggings; it further reduces the very reckless and dangerous drain on OUR scarce government resources...

InSite is a safe­-injection site in Vancouver, B.C. and they state that the usage of their facility is down considerably and that they attribute the decline in usage to the emergence of community based medical Cannabis dispensaries that help to successfully transition people away from deadly pharmaceutical substances, etc...

Anyone who supports prohibition supports organized crime. Who is paying YOU off?


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