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Weeds Loves Local artists! Learn more about the Amazing Canadian Creators featured in our Artists section and Online store!

Functional Glass Art

Explore our collection of premium glass and accessories

From UV Reactive bubblers to quartz bangers, WEEDS® provides a wide array of artistic, unique glass pieces to take your smoking or vaping experience to new heights.

Dabbing Accessories

Create your perfect home dab station with our range of dabbing accessories. Our range includes products like carb caps, bangers, dab tools and more made from titanium, quartz and glass. We also have a selection of silicone mats and containers to help keep your dab area clean!

Rolling Papers

From a classic joint to cones and blunts, whatever your rolling preference, we have a paper for it. WEEDS® carries plain and flavoured papers, wraps and tips by brands like Raw, Pure Hemp, Smoking, Skunk and Juicy Jay. Our selection includes maize, hemp, rice and wood pulp papers.

Unique, one-of-a-kind Pipes, Bongs & Rigs

WEEDS® carries a collection of premium, unique functional glass pieces by local British Columbian and other Canadian artists.

Books & Comics

Do you like smoking weed and reading comic books? You should try smoking weed and reading comic books about weed! Original works by local artists!

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