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September 14 2004 - Pot TV - Da Kine Still Open! 

Footage from CityTV in 2004, one week after the police raid on the Da Kine cafe. 




September 28 2004 - Pot TV

After the first media crews come to Da Kine and got it busted, a supporter documents the press frenzy that ensues. Comments from Michael, Carol and David Malmo-Levine.




November 15, 2004 - Pot TV Classics - Da Kine Unspun (Full)

The full version of the 'potumentary' that tells the full story of the rise and fall of Da Kine, the Amsterdam-style pot cafe on Commercial Drive in Vancouver.

Marc Emery interviews Carol Gwilt, with exclusive news footage of the event, including additional interviews with Don Briere and Michael Boudreau. 

This eye-opening footage reveals the media's role in pressuring the police to ultimately raid and close down the cafe. 




April 29, 2015 - Cannabis Life Network - Dispensary Regulation: The Don Briere Interview

(From Cannabis in Canada) In this part of our three-part series on Vancouver’s move to regulate dispensaries, CinC Founding Director Jason Wilcox speaks with Don Briere, who offers cannabis products from a chain of eight stores in Vancouver including Weeds Glass and Gifts.




Oct 19, 2015 - VICE: The Dark Grey Market: Canadian Cannabis- Don Briere Interview

With the legal fate of weed still in the balance, VICE host Damian Abraham went to BC, the Wild West of Canadian chronic, visited grows operating illegally or semi-legally, met concentrate manufacturers making large quantities of oil in spite of the law, and checked in on the exploding dispensary scene that the federal Conservative government is trying to shut down.




April 6 2017 - Pot TV: Expert Joints LIVE!

Don, Carol, and Chris join Craig on his show to discuss legalizaition, and other things WEEDS® related when their chain of dispensaries were still open for business.




April 11, 2017 - Cannabis Life Network - Raekwon Wilds Out At Weeds South Vancouver

Craig Ex aka "The Expert" of "Expert Joints" sat down for a sesh with Raekwon "Chef" talking about his latest album The Wild and all that is Cannabis in Canada.




Oct 3 2017 - THC Live - Truth, Health, Cannabis

Longtime cannabis advocates and entrepreneurs, Don Briere and Carol Gwilt share how they've heard first-hand from countless patients and people who have been helped tremendously using medical marijuana to treat their diagnosed health conditions.

Don and Carol also share their feelings about distribution decisions to be made by the provincial governments across Canada.




March 14 2019 - Expert Joints LIVE! on Pot TV: That’s Comical

This week Craig welcomes Vancouver based cannabis activist David Malmo-Levine to Studio 710 to share more on his new Vansterdam Comix collaboration with Bob High and WEEDS®.




October 15, 2019 - Don and Carol interview on The THC Show with Neil Magnuson – Episode 10





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