Intent glass – Leaf Carb Cap



Here at WEEDS® we love to support local glass artists, like Andrew Laughlan. He has been in the glass game since 2010; where his years of experience and talent shine through his artwork quite beautifully. Andrew hails from Quadra Island so it’s no wonder why he incorporates some aspect of the ocean into most of his pieces. We carry a variety of his work including spoons, rigs, and glass accessories available at a WEEDS® location nearest you. Come on down to the shop to see his artwork up close and personal or check out his Instagram @intentglass! Strong and unique, this hearty spoon is the perfect gift for just about any occasion, or for yourself! Stay High with your new beach pipe made by Andrew Laughlan. Hand-crafted, beautiful, and unique. This product is WEEDS® tried, tested, and true.


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