One-Hitter with Wood Case


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This is a locally-made one-hitter with a case system, and it is a nice tool to have for your quick toking needs!

Simply grind up some cannabis, put it into the case’s pocket, and simply press down with the one-hitter tube to fill the one-hitter, and toke up!
The case has a spring mechanism for easy retrieval of the one-hitter, and is made of natural wood, coming in various shades of brown.

Describe in your comment if you have any preferences between a light or dark shade of wood for your case. We highly recommend using our Hempwick products with the one-hitter as the ignition source is very close to your mouth, and can heat the tube up to an uncomfortable level.

Also the gas from a regular lighter is much more harsh and noticeable at that distance, so a natural source of ignition is much smoother and tastier to boot!

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