Skullfish Glass – Aquafrit Spoon



Skullfish has been blowing glass in the industry since 2003. His talents have transcended into mastery; where he is now at the top of his game. His creativity stems from collaborations with many other talented minds, developing his own elaborate and functional pieces, attending various glass gatherings throughout the year, and experimenting with different types of glass to create amazing effects that will dazzle the eyes. In the summer of 2003 he took an introductory glass blowing course in Santa Cruz, California and has been hooked ever since. Leaving his home town of Winnipeg, Manitoba, he has pursued his career on the West Coast of Canada for the last 15 years. Where you get the most value is in the glass itself; borosilicate. Borosilicate is stronger than regular glass and can withstand normal everyday wear and tear. Choose to support our local glass and you won’t be disappointed. Relatable, unique, and functional. This product is WEEDS® tried, tested, and true.

Check out more Skullfish glass work on Instagram @SkullfishGlass. Prepare to be amazed!


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