Smoking® Brand – Papers


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Smoking Brown 1 1/4", Smoking Brown King size, Smoking brown Regular, Smoking Brown Filter tips, Smoking Deluxe Regular, Smoking Deluxe 1 1/4", Smoking Deluxe King size, Smoking Deluxe Bloc Brown (300 sheets 1 1/3"), Smoking Deluxe Filter Tips, Smoking Deluxe Nuevo pack (300 sheets 1 1/4"), Smoking Deluxe 1 1/4" with filter tips, Smoking Deluxe king size with filter tips, Smoking Thinnest 1 1\4", Smoking Maize 1 1/4", Smoking Master 1 1/4, Smoking Master King size, Smoking Blue regular, Smoking Blue regular double window, Smoking blue King size, Smoking blue King size with tips, Smoking Organic 1 1/4, smoking organic king size


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