The HoneyBird ™ – Nectar Collector Kit



The Honeybird™ is Nectar Collector’s next generation of vertical vaporizer that offers unparalleled ease of use and portability. The large dish makes it easy and convenient to pack a lot of product with you and share with your friends. This 2.5” borosilicate glass spill proof bubbler has a quartz tip for easy, clean tokes every time. Using a torch, heat up the tip for a few seconds, wait a few seconds and dab any concentrate off the glass dish. Clean inside with a cotton swap, and warm it back up for a friend! The Honeybird™ will make your session so quick and easy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner!

Package includes:

(1) Nectar Collector Honeybird™ Core

(1) Parabolic concentrate dish

(1) Quartz Tip (1) Fill Bottle

(1) Quartz Tip case

(1) Waterproof Hard shell Case with lanyard


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