XVape® V-ONE 2.0 – Concentrate Vaporizer



Here at WEEDS® we are proud to offer you the XVape® V-ONE 2.0 Concentrate Vaporizer. If you’re looking to invest in a vaporizer that hits like a rig too, look no further! With features like a 1500 mAh temperature controlled battery, water bubbler attachment, with magnetic dab tool / carb cap, stainless steel mouthpiece and the latest dual quartz coil technology, you will not be disappointed with this product. Always read the User Manual before use. After you’ve fully charged your new vaporizer, to turn it on simply press the button 5 times quickly. To toggle between settings, press the button 3 times and watch the color change. At your preference, using the water bubbler or stainless steel mouthpiece for travel, slide either piece over the coil snug into place. If you’ve chosen the water bubbler, only fill with enough water to cover the slit inside the bubbler. Using the dab tool and magnetic carb cap included, chose from your favorite top shelf WEEDS® concentrate, drop a small amount into the coil chamber, press and hold the button, flip your carb cap / tool combo and stay lifted. You’ll be surprised how big of a punch this pen can give! Try it out for yourself! Powerful, evolutionary and durable. This product is WEEDS® tried, tested, and true. Get yours today! Package Includes: (1) XVape® V-ONE 2.0 – Concentrate Vaporizer (1) Extra XVape® V-ONE 2.0 – Dual Quartz Coil (1) Stainless Steel Mouthpiece (1) Water Bubbler Attachment (1) Magnetic Dab Tool & Carb Cap (6) Replacement Rubber O-rings (1) Metal Stand (1) USB Cable (1) User Manual


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