Yocan® Evolve Plus XL


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The Evolve Plus XL by Yocan® is an upgrade from the original Evolve and Evolve Plus model. Its quad quartz coil technology is revolutionary for the daily toker. With a larger chamber than its siblings, you’ll be able to toke for longer. The ceramic bowl ensures even heat and vapour distribution. Its innovative built in coil cap locks in valuable terpenes as you vape your favourite concentrates, giving you a fuller vapour experience. Compact enough to fit in your pocket, this vapour device is ideal for any task on the go. Package includes: (1) Yocan® Evolve Plus XL – Concentrate Vaporizer (2) Quad Quartz Coils (1) Yocan® Lanyard (1) Dab Tool (1) USB Charger (1) User Manual

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Gold, Black, Rose Gold, Silver, White/Luminous


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