Queen Elizabeth Park – Past and Present

Queen Elizabeth Park Bloedel Conservatory

The Bloedel Conservatory

The Queen Elizabeth Park is one of the most sensational public grounds in the world. Approximately six million people from around the world visit this 130 acres of land every year.

In the Beginning

The Queen Elizabeth Park started off as a city landmark also referred to as ”Little Mountain.” It adopted this name because its summit was slightly over 500 feet above sea level. The location wasn’t seen as anything significant at the beginning of the century. The Canadian Pacific Railway offered it to the Vancouver Park Board, but they had no interest in it at that time. By the time they decided they wanted to purchase it, the park was a deserted waste land and its only assets were two reservoirs used for the city’s drinking water.

In 1930, the BC Tulip Association thought it might be a good idea to transform the gardens into a partial flower bed. By the end of the decade, the Vancouver Park Board had taken over and opened the park to the public for recreational purposes. The opening was made official by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth during a dedication ceremony in 1939.

Recreational Activities

The Queen Elizabeth Park has come a long way since it was officially opened in 1939. Visitors never tire of visiting the Queen Elizabeth Park, there are so many recreational activities that it is impossible to get through them all in one day. Here are some of the most popular things to do at the park.

  • Tennis courts: There are 17 tennis courts open to the public where you can practice or enjoy watching many of the tennis tournaments that take place at this location.
  • Seasons in the park restaurant: This is a dining experience you won’t be able to forget. The restaurant is located at the highest point in the city providing breath taking views of the exquisite quarry gardens.
  • Dancing fountains: The remarkable dancing fountains were unveiled on April 12, 2007. It is made up of 70 jets that use 85,000 liters of water.
  • Picnic areas: Visitors are invited to lay a picnic out with friends and family and enjoy the scenery.
  • Pitch and putt golf course: This is perfect for unseasoned golfers or for those who just want to enjoy a short round of golf. The pitch and putt golf course hosts several activities throughout the year including mini tournaments, day camps and corporate activities.
  • The gardens are worth a visit while enjoying the pleasant sensations of a blunt or dab. Luckily there is a nearby dispensary on Main St, WEEDS.

When to Visit

Queen Elizabeth Park GardensThe best time of the year to visit the Queen Elizabeth Park is during the spring and summer months. This is when the flowers are in full bloom, and when you have a better chance of taking part in the outdoor activities.

How to get There

The Queen Elizabeth Park is not a difficult location to find, it is located in the heart of Vancouver and is accessible by all forms of transport. It is a 15-minute drive from downtown Vancouver, or you can take the SkyTrain to Oakridge 41st Avenue Station or King Edward Station.

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