Ross Park, Vancouver BC…A Mystery

Ross Park

Ross Park during a dry spell

Research for this park came up with very little information. It is a very small park to some who visit with an outdated piece of play equipment for children and a ball field that is a little small for playing baseball according to others. Not much to do there, it offers very little were some of the comments. There are still others who go and find it to be very large and entertaining for the whole family. Regardless, it is a great stop after a visit to WEEDS on Main St.

It has its benefits:

  • A playground for children.
  • Green space for sitting, picnics, taking walks.
  • Areas to walk your dogs.
  • Swimming pool. Though they are changing the swimming pool to spraying equipment. I believe this is to conserve energy.

The history available indicated that back in the 1970’s, Ross Park was one of the parks that served as an area for gang members to congregate. Clark Park was the largest of the gang parks and then there was Riley and Dunbar. It still has some issues with unsavory characters as people have reported coming across drug paraphernalia while walking their dogs and others have reported being mugged while walking through.

Every area has an occasional bad spurt or a bad seed run through, and it’s said a few bad seeds ruin the whole batch. No one should let a couple bad pennies destroy something within their community that has the potential of bringing joy to them and their families. This park has potential.

What needs to happen if this is not the park that you want it to be, you need to take action to make it the park you envision. Set up a community group and plan out how you will create it. If the play equipment is outdated or there’s not enough of them there, figure out how to buy more and better. If there’s no paths for walking and no naturalization or plant life/trees, gather folks together and go to work on revitalization and building those areas. Do fundraisers, market your park, stand up and make the community notice.

One gentleman was sickened by the trash laying everywhere, but did he pick it up? What good is complaining without doing something about it? It starts with one person thinking to themselves that this park is not good enough, we need better and then making that happen.

Don’t leave it with the reputation it had from the 1970’s. Create a beautiful new memory for it. Make it something to be proud of today that people want to be there every weekend with their whole family. Feel safe walking your dog or taking your children or even taking a walk by yourself at night.

In the way things are in the world, people are taking control back over things they don’t like. That’s what needs to happen in every situation. Somebody has to take charge. A squeaky wheel gets the grease. A lot of times the community centers or the local government will get behind revitalizations for parks. Someone just needs to start the ball rolling and care enough to do so within the neighborhood. Everyone will be grateful in the end. It could turn out to be the best park around.

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