Leash Glass - Bubble Cap

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Here at WEEDS® we love to support local glass artists. Elisha Moussadji, otherwise known as "Leash" has been blowing glass since 2005. She is local to the Sunshine Coast in beautiful British Columbia, so there is no shortage of inspiration around her. She has a very feminine approach to her work. Her signature craftsmanship comes out in the form of a voluptuous women. She also does many collaborations with other artist too; Check out her Instagram @LeashGlass

Bubble Caps are used to carb your concentrate inside a quartz banger. Air flows through the top and is channeled into a concentrated point at the bottom. The bulb allows you to swirl the tip inside the banger and the air stirs the oil. Using a carb cap allows your oil to vaporize at a lower boiling point. Experience the full flavor profile of our WEEDS® top shelf concentrates by using this beautifully crafted Bubble Cap.

Where you get the most value is in the glass, borosilicate. Borosilicate is stronger than regular glass and can withstand normal everyday wear and tear. Choose to support our local glass and you won't be disappointed.

Hand-crafted, local, and functional. This product is WEEDS® tried, tested, and true.