Niko Glass - Large Clear Spoon

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Vancouver proudly stands as the social hubbub for many in the glass community and here at WEEDS®, we love to support local glass artists. Niko is a Vancouver based artist and has been melting glass since 2014. Niko’s city has always been the base of creative expression, leading to collaborations amongst various artists and a multitude of eloquent creations. Young and inspired, this millennial has a penchant for not only for brilliantly creative and detailed work, but a slight inclination towards Pokémon also! Portable and discreet, this small spoon is the perfect companion for just about any smoking task. Hand-crafted with skilled, beautiful detailing and slightly larger than the original, 'small' spoon, this accoutrement is the perfect accessory for everyday use.

Head over to Instagram @weedsgg_ca to find @Nikobhglass and a variety of wondrous works.

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