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Date tested: 2018-07-26
  • Terpenes
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Space Queen Full Spectrum Extract


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High Cannabinoid/High Terpene Full Spectrum Extraction captures the full plant biochemical imprint without adulterating the plant material and offers a high terpene and high cannabinoid profile, leaving practically zero solvent residual. Recognized as a cleaner and more broad spectrum concentrate, HCFSE/HTFSE is rapidly becoming a connoisseurs choice.
Space Queen (Romulan x Cinderella 99) full spectrum extract is a supreme hybrid Cannabis concentrate. It delivers a wider spectrum of cannabinoids, and offers a pungent terpene profile of pepper, cloves and spice. Space Queen full spectrum extract is an uplifting, out of this world experience with its heady after effects and outstanding flavour journey. As a high end Cannabis concentrate, Space Queen FSE can assist with pain, anxiety, creativity, lethargy and appetite stimulation.

Weight: 1g