The Dope Soap Co. Bath Bombs

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Made with the benefits of THC, each Dope Soap bath bomb has 65 mg of THC to help alleviate aches and pains. Enjoy in a hot soak after the gym or for those unmanageable menstrual cramps. Dope Soap Bath Bombs are the perfect remedy to calm and soothe just about any discomfort. Available in unscented, French Vanilla Lavender, Coconut Swirl, Pink Passionfruit and Purple Lavender.

Directions: Fill bathtub with warm to hot water then add Dope Soap Bath Bomb once you are in to enjoy the lasting benefits of THC.
*Not recommended for motorized hot tubs, jacuzzi tubs or swimming pools.

Ingredients: Baking soda, Cannabis infused coconut oil, citric acid, cornstarch, kaolin clay, Polysorbate 80, water, 65 mg THC. Some may contain scent.