Titanium Carb Cap with Tool - Tall

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Titanium may need no introduction to some, however for the unacquainted, titanium nails are durable. An essential element for extensive use. Do you feel you're not getting the most out of your dab, possibly when it's too hot or perhaps you can't utilize your product to its fullest extent?
Carb caps most certainly ease those predicaments! Functioning like a carburettor engine, carb caps are used to restrict airflow from entering through the nail. This means that carb caps create a low-pressure environment for concentrates. By reducing the boiling point of the oil, it allows for low-temperature dabs, resulting in an experience of full-bodied flavour.

We stock additional accessories to complement this product, such as our female titanium arm, titanium carb cap & tool and universal titanium nails (10/14/18mm) are also available